(Custom and Melee) Music is not playing correctly

1.32.10 behavior:

• Main Menu music Dynamically loops across all the games soundtrack.
• Ingame music is race specific depending on faction chosen.
• Mapmakers can import custom music and use it properly for their maps.

PTR Behavior:

• Main menu music plays dynamically :white_check_mark:
• Ingame music is not race specific, it just loops the main menu music :x:
• Mapmakers importing custom music and ordering them to play through triggers is not working :x:

This test map will be your guide, you can see how it works properly in 1.32.10 but broken in the current PTR.


Yeah, it doesn’t seem to be working ingame at all, it plays the main menu music, when I try to change it manually with a playlist using SetMapMusic it doesn’t change either, it stays with the mainmenu music

I would like to note that there is at least 1 theme that’s not in the menu rotation anymore that was present in TFT, that being orctheme.flac

would love to have that back in the rotation :pleading_face:

This bug report is accurate.

I concur. The Music played on the PTR whilst in game is not race specific.

When I played Melee/Versus on the PTR Ladder as Human I heard the Menu music, then some Human music then Night Elf Music.