Crashes in custom games

My game freezes sometimes (and crashes after) in online custom games. I mostly play those so I do not know if it happens in other modes.

My PC is very good so it can’t be that. It just freezes and then I’m forced to close it or sometimes it just immediately closes on its own. It usually happens after some time has passed (let’s say more than 50 minutes).

Most of the times I don’t get the usual window pop up to send the information of the crash to Blizzard.

Similar stuff happened with my previous computer (a laptop) but when switching to the new one the problems are way less frequent but still happen.

Another issue that can happen is that after the loading screen, I will be sent to the score screen immediately and thus disconnecting from the game. When this occurs, if I try to play a match again, when I click on buildings I hear the clicking sound that you get when selecting units/buildings not controlled by you but not the sound of my building itself. Keybinds do work as normal though. Additionally, the BGM happens in specific places of the map and disappears from others.

If it is of any help, I play with Reforged graphics and would like to keep doing so.

Any help in trying to solve this would be appreciated. I want to be able to enjoy the game without fearing getting a random crash at any point.

EDIT: I actually got an error pop up window just now with a code (40D060C6-9CB9-400F-8C9A-789F46DB36E5). The game closed abruptly in the middle of a custom match.

Some older maps may have issues with Reforged due to FX effects. One workaround is to try going to video options in the game and switching to Classic when playing them. We also do recommend reporting the maps file name to our developers over on the Bug Report forums in this case: SurvivalChaos4.11f.w3x

Thank you.

How do I report that? And what else can be done to fix this? I don’t want to switch to Classic mode when playing custom maps.

I’d like to know if Blizzard will work to avoid such issues because it’s simply strange that a game can crash like this in 2023.



Just to clarify this should only have a chance to occur on older custom maps that imported graphics or had major customizations in a very old editor. Reviewing your crash logs I only see this map crashing which is why I provided that workaround.

So to clarify other options:

  • Consult with the map maker to see if they can update the map for Reforged.
  • The Classic mode workaround was only for specific older maps this workaround shouldn’t be required for all custom maps.

The final step is a bug report, including the maps file name here which helps our QA and Developers investigate any possible fixes that we can make on our end.

If the client is crashing on all maps you just happen to play custom maps, then that would be a more advanced crash issue. Given the logs that I could see that didn’t appear to be the case; it appeared to be mainly this map. Just to be safe you could try our general crash troubleshooting Here.

Thank you.

The map maker will not update the map for Reforged due to myriad reasons, some of them being the fact that it could cause issues with the map itself due to the way the whole Reforged thing was handled, and I have to agree with that even if I like Reforged.

These problems should not exist in a game like this in 2023, especially when the Classic mode exists as a valid option and thus the whole game (Classic or Reforged) should be fully compatible with every map, but here we are.

So a bug report is simply creating a post in that forum link you just sent? And I have to attach the map file itself or just the name of the map?

I cannot confirm whether I’m getting crashes in other custom games because I mainly play this map but I’ll make sure to report it if it happens.

In any case, I hope that these incompatibilities could be resolved because otherwise there’d be no incentive to play Reforged.

Thank you.

Unfortunately without an active development team this is unlikely to ever be addressed.

It is best to play custom games in SD.

can you tell me what is causing me to crash, happens all the time lately

You should not be using HD for custom games.

For the campaign: Do not load from a checkpoint, and turn spell effects to low.

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