Could Reforged be a surprise megahit?


What do you mean? It’s Russia, Korea and mainly China that keep WC3 alive today.

On the topic, I doubt WC3:R will be a particular success. Too many people don’t even know that Warcraft is a real-time strategy game (and not an MMO). Hell, too many don’t even know the RTS genre exists. Too many don’t even have PCs.


I’d say if it sells anywhere near a million copies, it’s a massive success!


It’s an old game so I doubt so, but it looks better than Starcraft Remaster already. According to google trends, there were 2x more searches for reforged than starcraft remastered on the date of their announcements.


Let’s hope so. I would love to see W3R becoming a big success. Not only because it would make more investments in this game possible, but also because a good reason to remaster more games like Diablo 2.


If every player in China who played pirated WC3 had paid for the authorised edition, WC4 would have been available at least 10 years ago.Blame the poor pocketbook of previous Chinese players and the Chinese agents who cheated blizzard and Chinese players


if they make “Arcade” and Customs as emphasized as they are in SC2, yes it will be a money maker.

If they rely on the Competetive scene and ladder only, no it will not. RTS games are stressful for today’s gamers.


Can you play WC3 on netease without a valid cd-key? If so, it’s really dumb if Blizzard isn’t profiting from this. It’s not like free to play games that make a lot of money don’t exist…


Yes, you’re right. Netease offers both 1.27 and 1.30.1 versions of wc3 for chinese players, and these games are available for online play.But you can’t run the 1.30 version of wc3 provided by netease offline unless you have a cdkey.I have not installed the foreign language version of netease platform, so I do not know whether the situation will be different.You may not know much about the history of single-player gaming in China. Previously, free and cheap pirated console games were ubiquitous in China, and even Shanghai ubisoft, which introduced the most console games to the country, tried to keep the prices of legitimate games as low as possible. Few Chinese gamers could afford to buy a legitimate game.The poor environment made many Chinese players think that single-player games should be free.Thanks to this environment, WC3 was once very popular in China. If you had bought a computer in China, it would have been installed with wc3. If you went to any Internet cafe at the time, almost all the players there were playing WC3 via LAN and battle platforms.It’s hard to find pirated games in China these days. I heard that WC3R has been pre-sold, many Chinese players want to compensate blizzard by pre-purchasing. Some people hear that pre-orders blizzard diablo wc3 WC3R foreign server can obtain the original, but the way blizzard account to verify that the ladder for players rather than the way to send the original CDKEY, that would make the Chinese players are very afflictive, because they have to find to use VPN to updating the game, but in China, it’s hard to find the last available VPN to break through the government set up the network wall, so they can only give up this gift to play Netease free version 1.30 has been updated well.


I hope they will make something better than just a regular warcraft with better graphic and textures.
I hope they make something huuuuge where old players could compete with new ones who takes reforged as new fresh game where will be plenty of things to explore and to achieve.

I have already bought refored and I know Blizzard will not dissapoint me.

really looking forward to play Warcraft : Reforged.


Interesting, although i’m skeptical about people buying reforged to make up for the years they’ve played for free. Reading your post, a free to play game with micro transactions seems like the way to go in terms of business in china since they are so used to free pirated games.


I am kinda dissapointment… When warcraft was free ? Or what do you mean ?


It’s not the same as it used to be, but thanks to platforms like steam and uplay that sell legitimate games, more and more Chinese players are willing to pay for legitimate games.
Even if they want to play pirated PC games, it is hard for them to find download sites.Unfortunately, most of the players who used to play pirated wc3 games have now switched to the current popular games. It is impossible to expect compensation from them, and the current blizzard is not the same as the previous blizzard.I said so much is just feeling the fact that both sides can not save it.


Do you remember I said before that there was an agent who cheated blizzard and Chinese players? That agent is not the current netease, but the former “ogilvy electronics”. I do not know its official English name, let me call him so.Ogilvy, who was blizzard’s sole agent in China at the time, made a huge mistake by selling the same legitimate cdkey to multiple players. This move undoubtedly angered the Chinese players and blizzard. Can you feel what it’s like to spend so much money on a legitimate game in an era when access to video games is a luxury and happiness? This is one of the main reasons why so many Chinese players are playing the free pirated version of wc3.If you bought the effective cdkey of ogilvy electron, congratulations, you can go and buy lottery ticket with such good luck.
Of course, not only wc3, ogilvy also sold many of the most famous single-player games of the time, such as diablo ii, starcraft 1, half-life 1, counter-strike, etc. The legitimate cdkey of blizzard and Valve games was sold in the same way as wc3.Fortunately, the company soon went bankrupt.


No, not really. It isn’t in the bags.

Was SC:R a megahit? To the people who play it, but not really anyone else.

Apex Legends, now that is a surprise megahit that really shouldn’t be a surprise.


RTS games will never be a “Megahit”…if your definition of “Megahit” is anything like Apex or Fortnite.

I think the game will grow and be successful in its own rite, and I honestly think it will be more popular than Starcraft 2, because the SC2 team delved too deep into an Esports only model which failed its fanbase.

Warcraft 3 has always been about everyone - It’s been an esport but everyone felt like a huge part of the community, especially back in 2003-2008-9 when I was very active in the game.

If Blizz turns this into an SC2/Overwatch “ESPORTS LOL” it’ll fail, because that model doesn’t appeal to EVERYONE…but if they just remaster and let the game take care of itself, it will. Trust me - we WANT casuals from other platforms and genres to come to warcraft 3…we need the arcade/custom game people, we need the new people, we need the returning players, we need curious WoW players, we need all of that. We don’t need 10-15 more professionals…I want this to be a huge community again, so I really hope it appeals to more than just the competitive people (like myself).

I’m slowly watching Esports models destroy their own games and it’s pretty sad. Overwatch for one had a ton of potential. Oh well.


Could it be a surprise megahit? Well yes, hence the surprise part.

Realistically? Nope.

RTS is not as popular as it once was. WC3 is largely retreading old ground as well. It’ll revitalise and perhaps even grow the community in the longer term, but that’s it.


Could it be a surprise megahit?Nope.In terms of the overall environment of the game industry and blizzard’s and Netease’s attitude towards WC3, I have to think this is more likely to be a dying reflection.My pessimistic prediction is that they will probably just stop managing the game after the last squeeze of money from the player.


Honestly, I’m way more optimistic. Reforged could take SC2’s place. SC2 is, after all, pretty old game already, and change is refreshing. How I saw it, SC was always more prone to eSports and is more popular there, but WC3 has so much more room to expand elsewhere, like custom maps and Co-op campaign (which I hope we get), etc. Reforged eSports is not impossible either.


Probably in America. But in Europe and China, it’s the other way round.

Buying WC3 EleGiggle

10-15 more pros would be huge. Immense. Immensely huge.

There still are updates coming out to SCR. And that’s with the team being heavily engaged in WC3R.


You don’t CD or 30$ upfront to play WC3 in China. It’s free to play there with micro-transactions. Blizz is profitng from it and partnered with netease, Their platform is 10 times better than western one and they have 30-50k daily players vs 3-5k rest of the world total. It’s for China they are doing the remake…