Could not find 4v4 game (10.06.2024 since 10:00 GMT)

Hello, today 10.06.2024 I wanted to play since 10:00 GMT now 30 minutes passed, and I still cannot find any 4v4 game.
Tried to restart Reforged and even Battle Net. Also tried to search for updates (both Battlenet and Game but seems I am up to date.)
Searching for 4v4 opponents … Time elapsed - reach more than 700 seconds and still no game found.

Please fix or help me !

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It needs to be fixed.

and how they screwed up this? They did not even install another fix-patch since 1 week … sure some server issues

The same problem exists for all versus matches. I can’t see any public messages from Blizzard to say they have this in hand.

also having the same issue, i left the computer on when i came back it had been 4 hours and still couldnt find a game :frowning:

How else can this be raised? Blizzard seem reluctant to engage with their fanbase first hand. It’s not easy to communicate with them.

Was this fixed? I am unable to sign into Wc3 Versus today.

4v4 verses unable to find games… sigh

same before the patch me and my 2 buddies would find 4v4 matches in seconds now it doesnt work at all

0 games found all day. What is going on?