Corrupted (Ancient) Race Overall Summary And Concern


The thing that concerns me is 5. where Corrupted units and Heroes dies on their own if they take fatal hits, thus no experience points goes to enemy players’ Heroes. This is intentional, but I wonder if people like this idea where Heroes can only get experience points from Creeps only - and even then to get only Level 5 Heroes at most. Not to mention the 83 lowered hit point penalty of the Corrupted units and Heroes which makes them to be dead much faster than regular units would of their classes.

Number 5. idea in the end has been completely removed as of October 13 2019.

Before you guys reply here, please look at this list below. Thanks.

Corrupted - Burning Legion Faction - Faction Color Magenta: 300H/100S/100B

0. Entangled Gold Mining,
0. Moving Corrupted Ancients,

  1. Dual-Offensive Upgrades But No Armor Upgrades,
  2. Corrupted Units And Ancients And Heroes Permanently Gains 1 HP Every 8 Secs (0.13 Permanent HP Gain),
  3. Most Corrupted Units Has A 2% Death Strike Which Instantly
    Kills An Enemy Unit At The Cost Of Lacking 63 HP Than Normal,
  4. Corrupted Moon Wells Permanently Increases Survival Points Which
    Gives A Friendly Unit Survival Against Fatal Damage (1 SP = 1 MP),
  5. Most Corrupted Units And Ancients Has The Last Revenge Ability Which Makes Them Invulnerable For 15 Seconds To Attack Opponents Before They Die But Lacks 83 Hit Points Than Normal (BEEN REMOVED COMPLETELY),
  6. Evil Race Faction Of The Burning Legion

Worker Unit - Ectoplasm
Tier 1 Melee Unit - Skeleton Foot Soldier
Tier 3 Melee Unit - Corrupted Furbolg Champion
Ranged Unit - Corrupted Spider
Siege Unit - Ballista
Caster Unit - Satyr Geomancer
Caster Unit - Corrupted Furbolg Shaman
Anti-caster Unit - Corrupted Furbolg Shaman
Air Unit / Unique Unit - Corrupted Thunder Lizard
Anti-air Unit - Corruptor
Special Unit - Skeleton Soldier / Skeleton Archer
Hero 1 - Satyr Twistbringer
Hero 2 - Corrupted Furbolg Archlord
Hero 3 - Dreadlord (Tichondrius / Varimathras model)
Hero 4 - Satyr Darkdancer


Either make a map or stop posting this nonsense


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Come on guys. I really need your honest opinions about 5. here, instead of pushing my topic down to naught.

And they better be fruitful opinions instead of nonsense. Thanks.


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Assuming a part of this endeavor is to have Bliz formally add your ideas to the game, as evidenced by your using the support system to submit your suggestions (which, on a side note, was inappropriate seeing there’s no suggestion category that leads to a GM, and you intenionally picked an unrelated category to force it through, wasting the GM’s time thereby delaying those in the ticket queue who have legitimate support issues)…

Here’s the thing about customer created content/ideas: it belongs to the customer; it’s their intellectual property. Meaning if Bliz implemented it, there’d be an ownership tie back to the creator. In your case where there’s so much detail, there’s no chance of it ever going into the game, as to not create IP infringement.

What you should have done is simply presented a basic theme or premise, and that’s all. That would have allowed Bliz, if they decided to pursue it, to create all the details, thereby making it their own and giving it a chance to make it into the game.

But this and all the super detailed ideas you’ve presented in the past weeks? Could be all for naught. They aren’t going to add in what would make you the owner of a significant portion of the game.

As for user created custom content, sure, if someone wants to take up that mantle. But with a purported 5MB of text data, I don’t foresee anyone making things exactly how you created them. Instead, it’s likely going to be your themes and premise altered to how the map creators want it to be.


Numbers 3. and 5. has been changed.

Number 3. hit point penalty has went up from 42 to 63 hit points, and 5. has been completely removed due to game imbalance.


My honest opinion is STOP ALL THIS! All FkING year we have had to watch you spam non sense! Official opinion is, either make it a map or STOP posting