Hey folks :slight_smile:

I really want so some sort of the (maybe out of story) SCII Coop-Mission-Feature that were added later to the game and I want to know what you think about it.

You and your friend can pick a different leader of a faction.
Which offers you some race specific features. Including own workers, buildings, units, maybe ships?

For example:

Jaina or Antonidas:

  • Only Human
  • Mage based, maybe some Kirin Tor things

Uther or Arthas:

  • Only Human
  • Paladin and Light based

Sally Whitemane

  • Only Humans
  • Scarlet Crusade, heavy armored Military
  • Holy Light, Paladins, Warpriests,

Genn Greymane:

  • Only Worgen
  • Wild Warriors, Guns, Military

Muradin or Magni:

  • Only Dwarfs
  • also Guns, Tanks, Gryphons and heavy armored Warriors

Gelbin Mekkatorque

  • Only Gnomes
  • high technological Invetions, Flying Machines, Mechano Striders, Walkers

Alleria or Sylvanas

  • Only High Elves
  • Magical, ranger based and very mobile

Keal’thas or Lorthemar:

  • Only Blood Elves
  • Firemagic, Phoenix, Dragonhawks, Hawkstriders


  • Only female Night Elves
  • Archer, Huntress and stuff


  • Only male Night Elves
  • Druids in all forms, Treants…


  • Only Night Elves
  • Warden and Watcher based

some Treant race

  • Only Treants, Ancients and Trees
  • Trees and more Trees

Thrall or Drek’thar:

  • Only Orcs
  • Very Shamanistic, Wolfs

Nazgrel, Gar’thok or Sourfang:

  • Only Orcs
  • Warrior based

Vol’jin or Rokhan:

  • Only Darkspear Trolls
  • Very mobile
  • Some Voodoo, Totem stuff


  • Only Forest Trolls
  • Amani Empire, Bloodmagic, Voodoo

Cairne or Baine (but I think he’s too young for a war):

  • Only Tauren
  • Warrior based
  • Maybe some Totem stuff too?


  • Only Goblins
  • Crazy Inventions, rockets, guns and mechs :blush:

Grommash Hellscream:

  • Only Fel Orcs
  • very warlike, wild, heady armored, warriors
  • a lot of Fel Magic

Garrosh Hellscream:

  • Only Mag’har
  • Iron Horde, heavy weapons, metal everywhere
  • Huge Machines

Cho’gall or some other important Ogre:

  • Only Ogres
  • Warriors, Shamans, many heads

Lady Vashj:

  • Only Naga and enslaved creatures
  • Water Magic and stuff


  • Only broken Dranei
  • Rogue like, sneaking, Shamanism

Prophet Velen:

  • Only Draenei
  • Holy light, shamanism, Crystals (-Ballistas)


  • Only Forsaken (yes, forsaken - not normal undeads)
  • Poison, Plague, Dark Rangers, Banshees, nice! :star_struck:


  • Only Satyrs
  • Corrupted Night Elf buildings, infested Treants,
  • Invisible attacks from stealthed Satyrs

Arthas (Deathknight):

  • Only Scourge
  • you know it…

Arthas (Lichking):

  • Only Scourge
  • Kvaldir, Val’kyr, Deathknights, Abominations, …


  • Only undead Nerubians
  • A lot of Spiders and Roaches
  • I want to see Nerubian Archers! :scream:


  • Only skeletal Undeads
  • Necromantic based and some Frostmagic

Tichondrius or any other Dreadlord:

  • Only Demons
  • Felmagic, Succubi, Doom Guards, Fel Hounds! NICE! :wink:


  • Only old Gods
  • the Void, Tentacles, Voices in your head

(just kidding)

Every race with it’s own tech-tree workers and buildings.
And yes, I know there are some races and heroes that weren’t implementet yet. But it’s not impossible :slightly_smiling_face: - like SCII

Maybe some lore relevant Mission with two (or more?) fitting ‘Commanders’.

  • Thrall and Cairne against some Centaurs
  • Jaina and Uther against the Scourge
  • Kel’thuzad and Arthas against living beeings
  • etc

or some out-of-story combination

And then some missions like:

  • Destroy the enemy Base
  • Survive for 30 minutes
  • Protect someone who’s runnig everywhere
  • Gather 20 pieces of ***
  • Travel to *** until ***
  • etc

I think that could be fun!
What are you thinking?

Have a great day/night :slight_smile:


Sounds great, count me in. I know for a fact that multiple friends of mine would be interested in playing a co-op mode like in SC2.
Is it possible ? Definitely not for now as Blizzard seems to be a bit in a hurry considering the state of the beta. But i would gladly pay for a DLC like a co-op mode to be added later in the future.
It would be a good thing to post again about this topic after the release, to get more attention on the matter.


it is possible to do engine wise.


Coop can be really cool! :smiley:


It’s a cool idea to wish for co-op mode similar to Starcraft 2 in Warcraft 3.
I would also put on the table I wish to see a page dedicated to individual blizzard approved custom maps, so you can go to the same place to get the latest map version, read patch notes etc, instead of downloading it from other players or finding some obscure discord server the map creator uses.

I think Blizzard would be unlikely to focus on something like this, because they know deep down, someone is probably likely to just make their own maps to achieve this :wink:


Yes i agree OP. Keep pushing for it even though it likely won’t happen. Hopefully, if we make them aware, they could do a DLC or something.

You can’t do this with custom games. You need multiple maps to make it interesting. Not to mention while i am told you can do out of map progress, it would be clunky as hell and difficult. All a map maker could do is provide a proof of concept. Nothing more.

Why can’t the same be said for SC2?


If this is well done, like ‚Rise of the Blood Elves‘ or ‚Curse of the Forsaken‘, I really can get along with this!


You’re not getting major new features like this in a remaster of a game.


Try Battle of Quel’Thalas by Marshmalo – really worth a go!


Is this like the two I mentioned earlier?
Edit: I already googled it. I‘ve seen that before. Thats only one huge multiplayer coop-stuff map? Am I right?
But it looks pretty good. Maybe we see a remake in Reforged :wink:

And I also remember a very well done Scarlet Crusade campaign in the Plaguelands. That was actually really cool.