Concerns over Character Model Changes


They doing their job, do u ever think that when you go to a restaurant or even order a cup of tea and complain?

At this point, this is mere work, that needs to be delivered… Passion is hardly there…
If there was things would be different.


You came to this conclusion from a difference in hair color? No passion is there? This entire thing is a passion project. Refodged will prolly make as much money as wow does in a few months. They said from the begining that they were making slight changes to match up with wow. Inwiuld undestand the complaints if they gave her a black tiger, or if her model just lookd really bad, but these complaints are just silly.


He also probably thinks all designers and developers are not being paid to do this… They all doing this because of the passion and all And he thinks this is about color hair… Such simple minded people


Think you are missing the point. I am generalising that they are doing this across the board for the entire game – just because WoW has become more popular (who’s fault is that Blizzard? They never made Warcraft 4).

I am using the blue hair change as one example of MANY that they are doing.
You can literally take a look at the Reforged website and preview the units / heroes and look at the screenshots / videos from ingame. There is a lot that Warcraft 3 fans dislike from it.

However it is not ALL bad – a lot of it is great.
But some things like changing a story character’s looks is something I would find hard to swallow.
As I said before – when I think Warcraft 3 – I picture them in my head a certain way – as do many Warcraft RTS fans.

It’s like idk going to watch a superman movie and they changed from Blue/Red to Yellow/Green.
Its only a small change right? But it’s no longer the superman you grew attached to.

Do you maybe not even see my point even slightly?

I played this game in 2002. It is 2019 and its been untouched until this point.
Yes they are remaking the game! Woohoo!

Oh wait who is that?
Why does that ghoul look like the WoW version?
Why does Tyrande have teal hair?
Why has the footman shield lost its distinctive colour?
Why does that preview silhouette of a DruidOfTheClaw look more like a Worgen than a Warcraft 3 DoTC?
Why does the basic paladin have a ‘Chip Hazard’/‘Paul from Tekken’ haircut? (Toy Soldiers movie) – instead of the Warcraft 3 version?
Whats wrong with Jaina’s cloak?

I could literally continue for a LONG time.


Blizzard has said, since 8 months ago, they were making some changes to match up with wow. Its not like i was super thrilled to hear that, but it makes sense. And now people are suprised that these models look like how they are in wow and not war3. But overall the changes are minor and wont effect the game overall.


To be fair, they could keep it all the same, but then it almost begs the question why bother.

As much as I love how WoW upressed their character models and SC:R kept true to the original, sometimes I play and forget I’m playing with new graphics. In a way I could just be playing with old graphics.

And in the case of Diablo 2, I still do.


A simple note would be, the character are static, they now show no development… They don’t grow… If we imagined it in lvls think of Jaina as a lvl 2 by the end of frozen throne… By this time Jaina is probably lvl 10…did she use the same clothing 15 years ago?.. Really?
I’m not even gonna go into character design that is no longer present in most blizzard game…
But I’m thinking, excepting for elves, all characters should look different after more than a decade.


But that’s where you are completely wrong Sylvos…

Warcraft 3 is being remade.

The events they are remaking ARE the same time period as Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos / TFT classic.

17 years have passed IRL. But the game they are remaking has not moved in time x_x

So these characters they are “reforging” should not be any different from the original design as its the exact same thing.
Just one is the old graphics and this is upgraded 2019 graphics.
The design however by default should stay true to the original…
As its the same moment in the game lore.

If you were making Warcraft 4 however. Which is progressing after the events of Warcraft 3 or WoW. Well then the time would be determined by that games lore and the age of the characters and change of looks (going grey) or whatever would be free to be decided as envisioned by the new character artists / designers.


You are the one who misunderstood me here, but that’s most likely because this is an old story from my old threads,

My point its like you said, the the Jaina that was still under the guidance of Antonidas, and was rather naive, is not the same Jaina that later faced the demons, or the one that wants the horde dismantled, or the one that got a ship from down the sea flying in the air… Those are essentially different characters… Just like in real life we all change…
If character design was a thing, like in movies and other media, all those changes through Jainas spyche would be represented on her appearance aswell,

So bottom line is, just like you said… It makes more sense that Jaina is represented exactly as it was in warcraft 3,than exactly as she is in world of warcraft…


Sorry I misunderstood indeed haha


Yeah hehe… I made many posts about why I thought the old designs were better designs for what the characters were during those in game times… But by this time I don’t bother too much, because I see the only reason this happens is because half of the community don’t really care where the game is headed… And think as long as they support it, nobody else bothers or cares


To summarize.

Not is wrong in models with 99% of everyone saying DAMN LEMONSKY ! GJ.

With one person saying why wolf isnt white or hammer to big lmao.


No some of us in here all feel the models are not staying true to the original.

There are aspects we would prefer stayed the same.

Did I waste my time here?..


Some of us do listen to what u have to say…

By how it was exposed this only represents a childs opinion…

Hopefully blizzard will read your thoughts and consider them.
Cheers mate


I created a post asking them exactly what is it they don’t like about the old designs… And he only were there to troll… But the more they can’t answer that simple question… The more I realize they only live for the conflict… They don’t even have an opinion.


The models are amazing, but I agree that Tyrande should have blue hair and moon jewels.


Get bent dude. Just because YourArthas’ forum activity has taken a dip doesn’t mean you have to step up to the bat and start posting “ahead of me” to get your jabs in before I even read a thread, let alone post in it. You also don’t have to go ahead and shove words into my mouth or make claims on behalf. If you look at my post count, I maintain enough activity to get my own thoughts across.

I know in one of the latest patches they changed/updated and the game seems to render out a lot smoother. Warcraft 3 looks way more anti-aliased (my eyes are still adjusting) but that aside, it’s definitely no super high def texture pass let alone remade original models.

I know that the task is already large enough for the much smaller Classic Games team (though it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re bigger than the Heroes of the Storm team due to redistribution for other projects) that they went to outsourcing for the 3D art, but I was always kind of wondering if there’d be “three” versions of the Warcraft 3 visuals that were either on the board and being decided on. Or if it was something they were/are working on for release or in the future.

Original 2002/2003 graphics, Reforged graphics/artstyle, or the original designs but with modern poly counts and textures.

It’s something that, if worked on and implemented once done, wouldn’t harm the game at all and would be a definite bridging-of-the-gap for people that want updated graphics but not new designs.


My two cents.

Warcraft 3 Classic always looked like a moving board game. Like, it was a grandiose story being told from a top down perspective with moving pieces to a board game and not a literal/realistic top down perspective of the events.

Everything was un-proportionate, bright and colorful. A lot of the units are even deliberately designed to be derpy and cute/charming, like the Peons for Orcs and Humans.

Now, from what has been shown and also some of the comments made by the ‘Dev Panel’ at Blizzcon. They have deliberately changed the entire art-style of Warcraft 3 to something way more “realistic”. Everything is very ‘proportionate’, even more so than the models in World of Warcraft.

Dev Panel - “Orcs were looking too cute and not scary in their cartoon style/ A lot of other game companies are using the cartoon style.”

In my opinion, it doesn’t work. It looks like something you would see on ModDB. Take any of the new Reforged models ‘out of context’ and they look fantastic, put them all together on the screen with game-play and it looks like a amateur mod.


Oh funny he thinks he’s the only one who can do that… Hahahaha

Anyways see? As I said he would said it in a much more complicated way…
Too many words too little sense.


Between saying that all three as an option (old graphics, old artstyle with new textures and higher poly models, or the new Reforged style and models) would be the best outcome and that other thread where you think the idea that if a consumer doesn’t like a product, they shouldn’t pay for the product, is “arrogant” of me to say?

I genuinely have no idea what to make of you anymore except for the very blatant demonstration(s) of mindless antagonism.