Concerns over Character Model Changes


So what if they easily can?

Then you and the millions of other consumers CAN take legal action.

But what you are saying now is untrue. Like I said, you are presenting a fictional scenario while actually calling it Fraud.

Tell me, are you calling it fraud right now, yes or no?


They can, and they will.

Unless they prove me wrong and patch this nonsense out. In which case, I’ll retract my statement.

But so long as the danger exists, yes it is to be considered fraud.


You are being unreasonable. Simple and plain


How is that unreasonable?


Because they have not committed fraud. And have no intention to.

You have to prove their intention if you’re going to accuse them of it. It doesn’t work the other way around.


How do you know? Did they TELL you they’re going to patch out their ability to break your ability to play the game you purchased?


How do I know you aren’t a terrorist? Is it reasonable to assume you are if I simply believe you can and will be one?

And that unless you prove me wrong, that you should continue to be considered a terrorist?

Do you think this is reasonable logic?

Look, I’m not looking to make an enemy out of you. I’m not antagonizing you. But you need to know that things you say right now are absolutely unreasonable, and it’s impossible to continue a normal conversation if you’re going to continue this way. I just want you to be aware of this.


Terrorist = Anyone who politically uses terror or violence to get to a certain means.

Hence Diablo Immortal team


Just wanna raise this thread and say that at the time of posting, everyone was quick to call me crazy?
Yet the second they drop some ingame models I see lots of threads all picking up on the concerns raised in this thread.

I have gone through all the new models and I must say they are getting better with each iteration.

Thoroughly excited to play.
But I think I am resigned to the fact it looks like Tyrande will have the ‘new’ hair colour now haha


I understand science?


Im gonna try to post some things here that I dont like about new models since Ive been doing nothing but praise for Blizzard art work so far…

Drenai Protector.

Like his face looks way too much like his teeth are focus.
Seriously I dont like this if this is the final version.

Dreani Seer
Also looks kinda wierd, and I dont know where to start with seriously. potret looks off…

Eredar Sorcerer also has a strange potret, like he is too bright or something man cant tell exactly.

Infernal portait looks WAAAY unfinished, just some scary head sitting in the wave of fire, perhaps his model is nice and all that but, on the units noticifation menu you know, when you actually select one it looks bad.

Doom Guard also looks ridicilous in the portrait, not the one that looks like a Fel orc but the one, light one, cant tell exactly.

Centaurs that have face veils over their face might look like a good idea, but kinda stick out IMO and their color isnt the right.

Murloc Huntsman also look like his teeth are the focus of this face, wihch, honestly I dont like that much.

Please note, that the video I used for my proofs and argumentations is this one…

Im not even sure if this is the newest version but hey, why not share our thougths with developers to let them see what we reallly like and want to see.

To balance it up, almost all of the dragons, almost all of the paladins, and mountain king plus some wizards and sorceresses look friggin amazing and yeah, I believe Arthas here looks even more better that in the original one.

Still I am eager to see what terrain change is going to bring to the overall atmosphere, who knows, perhaps these models will look better (or worse) with that when it comes out, but, so far, these are my thoughts.


All portraits look unfinished. Often off-centre.

But I do admit that some models have scary teeth. The Pit Lords, the Lost Draenei…


I was thinking about Draenei after looking at their new buildings-

What if we had designs for Lost One/Broken Draenei wearing proper Draenei armor? Like if they were once Draenei paladins and warriors that got deformed and now they’re salvaging whatever is left and usable and wearing like a broken down, piece-meal version of what was supposed to be shining armor with glowing purple crystals

The metal would be scrappy, the crystals would be burnt out, but you could still see them trying to relive a former glory through wearing their old gear


That’s such a great idea. I hope someone makes them.


Good feedback I like these kinds of posts keep it up!


Love what they’re doing but for the love of god I hope they revisit some of the models (Like the Knight) to try and capture the feeling from the originals. Some just don’t look or feel anything like they used to - and in its own way WC3’s goofy feeling added a lot of flavour.


Doesn’t everybody on the planet agree that the Knight is some of the most perfect and recognizable of all Reforged assets?


I get your point OP and I totally agree.

Now imagine how I felt after seeing female DK/DH heroes.


Now imagine how I felt after not seeing any female heroes in the Alliance! Pure bliss.

(I was afraid a generic Blood Mage could be swapped.)


What do you mean?