Concerns over Character Model Changes


No, I’m just laying down the truth 40yr old manchildren who can’t get a grip on reality.

I didn’t even say I was buying Reforged, did I?


This is incredible funny.


Why? It’s perfectly possible to do.

WILL they? Probably not. But they could, and should.


Should they? You only buy access to the serveurs.

Face it, even WC3 is completely free, the only thing you buy is access to BNet.


Nope. You’re buying a product. That $30 price tag is for the game, not the servers it’s run on.


Then don’t buy it.

How unreasonable can you be?


Wrong and incorrect.


I’m not being unreasonable. If anything, Blizzard is.


I suggested this once to someone when they aired their grievances with the product in question and got called “arrogant”.


It’s incredible how you turned a possibly reasonable request into an unreasonable one by your silly arguments.


You aren’t being unreasonable?

You attacked me for ‘being perfectly okay with having your game arbitrarily taken away from you’ despite me being on the side of not purchasing the game.

And you think that’s reasonable?

Honestly it just looks like you’re taking your frustrations out on anyone you don’t agree with. You’re whining for the sake of whining rather than actually, you know, be reasonable.

Please attack me some more to prove how wrong I am.


Do I REALLY need to explain in fine detail why losing your ability to play a game you outright purchased because the developers stopped releasing patches for it is basically fraud? Cos that’d take about an hour and there’s a YouTube video that does a much better job explaining it than I could.


When/why did patches enter the equation?


Patches = official support.


So? Don’t buy it then.

I get that you’re unhappy about bad practices, but again, you’re not gonna stop it because it’s perfectly legal what they’re doing, and this practice is well beyond one company. It’s industry wide now, including for Free to Play online-only games that only make money through microtransactions. If those servers go down, the games go down too.

I get that you’re unhappy. But that’s not fraud, and you even calling it that is being unreasonable. Sorry but a youtube video from another unreasonable person is not proof of the law either.


I mean. When was the last time some of the older Blizzard games were patched? Does that mean they aren’t supported anymore?


Wrong. It is fraud.

Let me ask you something, if you buy a toaster and then the people you bought it from sneak into your house at night and break it, would you consider that a good practice?

This is basically the same thing but without the breaking and entering.


What are the terms of services for your Toaster vs a modern game?

Have you read any Terms of Service on any recent game lately? You’ll find it interesting.


This analogy is kind of shaky at best because it’s not them “breaking” it.


If you can’t play the game anymore, it is in fact broken. Destroyed, even.