Concerns over Character Model Changes

You mean this one?

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Yes, currently re-watching it looking for the information haha

All I know is I’m getting sick and tired of the internet being required for gaming. The internet won’t be around forever, and I don’t like buying games with the intent to play them forever only to find I can’t because they require something people take for granted.

If WC3 Reforged requires a constant internet connection then I’m sticking with my disk copy of Warcraft 3.

EDIT: Confirmed, he does say during the inverview that it’ll be the Classic game and Reforged all in the same client like they did with StarCraft. This does not bode well…

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Where do you live? :joy: Honestly I couldn’t think of a single place in usa without internet… Maybe Amish people… Haha

If you move house you don’t have Internet. And service can get REALLY expensive. Besides, the Internet won’t exist forever. I’ll be surprised if it lasts past my lifetime.

Stop taking it for granted.

Yeah… Right… Well try to enjoy the game during this lifetime.

That’s crazy talk :smiley:

There’s so much money that flows thanks to the internet.
Really think it will ever go away now?

Anyway where would Warcraft 3 Reforged multiplayer be without it!? Eh!?



I’ll tell you what SHOULDN’T be on it.


Besides, if I move house and internet proves to be too expensive to acquire in my new home, then I’m SOL. Broadband ain’t free, you know. And to hell with cable.

Then don’t move and problem solved! XD

The only way the Internet disappears is through a total nuclear war. Can happen in the 2020s, but why care?

Don’t you think there will be pirated versions for single-player available anyway?

There’s actually a surprising amount of space in the US where there is no internet coverage at all.

No. I don’t. Besides, I already had my ISP block my access to the internet for 24 hours once just for downloading a torrent of WoW 1.12. I don’t feel like risking something like that again, so even if piracy WAS an option I still wouldn’t engage in it.

And don’t even talk about VPNs. Those are all services, too.

Wow, what a totalitarian regime you’re living in. Absolutely horrific. In the lands between Poland and Chukotka, torrenting is a national past-time.

I live in post net neutrality USA. So, yeah.

Then why should anyone care if even your people do not?

Because caring is the right thing to do. Plus, more people playing WC3R is good business for Blizzard.

If you can’t play it because your internet has gone down for any length of time, that’s just not very good for the consumer and bad word of mouth will spread.

The day that the internet goes away is the day that we all have bigger things to worry about than classic gaming.

If you can’t play it because your internet has gone down for any length of time, that’s just not very good for the consumer and bad word of mouth will spread.

Yeah sorry but PC gaming has moved onto this platform for more than a decade. I’m sorry it’s taken you this long to catch up, but everyone else has moved on while you’re holding on to a fantasy.

Look, I’m not gonna say any of this is good for the industry and whatnot, but at this point it’s like saying we should stop paying for gas because gas companies are corrupt and setting their prices arbitrarily while holding everyone hostage to their whims. Just making it known won’t change the system because the system is in place and is used and that’s just the way things are. We pay for our internet, we have to log on to play, and honestly your only choice on the matter is not playing Reforged if you don’t want it tied to Internet.

Sucks but that’s what it is. Blizzard’s all about the ‘Don’t you have a phone?’ now.

So you’re perfectly okay with having your game arbitrarily taken away from you after purchase. Cool.

Now go away. I only want to talk to reasonable people.

What’s your stance on MMOs?

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Pretty much the same, but they can solve it by providing the server software after their official support for it ends.