Concerns over Character Model Changes


Just want to state this is a great post you owned the egg man.


“But there’s some specific models that failed to capture the epic feeling for some people, and they have their own right to voice it out”


I but still think we should do the same with the ones we like. so like. Blizzard can know which changes we like and which ones we dont.

Im gonna repeat what I said earlier in some topics.

Make sure the “contrast” between the enviroment and untis is strong enough, so it is easily to distinguish between units and enviroemnt and it will be cool!


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I agree entirely.
And I will also encourage people to discuss what directions they went in that we do like.

From the recent Chinajoy event leaks I will say that I think:

Sorceress for me is spot on. Exactly the sort of thing we should have expected.

Antonidas looks great and I’m really excited to see what he looks like with a real picture :smiley:
As this was a great moment in RoC story.

Tyrande read above. But I think she is missing her iconic blue hair and it’s hard to tell from the picture we have but also possibly missing the elune jewell on her forehead and the face markings are not distinctive enough for me. The markings are meant to be darker and very visible.
It’s sort of what made her face look different from every other night elf female.

Huntress I am slighty worried about, but need to see a more detailed picture or ingame model.
My concerns lie with the fact the panther doesn’t look like a panther in that picture. Also maybe it’s just the lighting but she looks very almost undead-esque. Maybe it’s just the lighting on this one though so a big ? for me.

Acolyte very good, if anything better than I could hope for.

RedDragon – for me this is pretty much a ? it’s too hard to tell because RedDragon is generalising the unit(s) as if memory serves there are many types of dragon and ‘drakes’ and they are all quite similar in design.
However I do agree with the ‘Mohawk’ part. It’s very distinctive in some of the dragons/drakes and should be a key part of the design.

KodoBeastRider this one I guess could be better. I agree with what others said about the kodo looking very old and the orc has a really strange beard. But I love the small detail like hitting the war drum with the back of an axe etc.

Thrall for me is absolutely spot on, he looks exactly how he did in RoC for me and the black wolf – well for me it’s one of the major things that made him look different to the regular Far Seer (which used a white wolf).


That’s one of the things in concerned about too, there’s no consistency with the changes made.

They changed tyrande’s hair
But for instance kept the black wolf instead of snowsong (white)
Which he uses according to later lore…
So the changes seem random.
Ultimately if they wanted to change tyrandes hair it will literally take 5 minutes in Photoshop…
And that’s taking their time.

I wouldn’t talk about random generic units thou… They can look like whatever they want…
For me I only care how the heroes of the campaign are depicted.


It’s almost like Jaina has no agency over what she wears because she’s a fictional character formed and dressed by the people creating/working on the character.

More or less pathetic than trying to act high and mighty looking down your nose at someone on a video game forum over character designs? Asking for a friend.

Strange. Going through my post history, this is the only time I seem to have ever commented about a female Pit Lord.

Where’s the mention of breasts? Or are you just projecting?

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Thanks that’s exactly my point, that’s what mediocre writting and design is, thanks for pointing it out again


You’re welcome. Want to address/go over anything else in my post or are we calling it here?


I’ve noticed some other little easter eggs too.

Antonidas’ staff is modelled after his staff in WoW

I thought his staff in Reforged was a bit elaborate, but after seeing it’s a nod to WoW, I get where they were going with his design.

You can say look at this as is pandering to WoW because they’re using the WoW design of the staff, but considering his horse looks like nothing we’ve seen in any Warcraft game, I think they’re more paying homage to WoW. I have a feeling that they’re taking a ‘Rule of Cool’ approach to the designs and running with it, regardless of whatever hard lore is set in WC3 or WoW.


You are still ignoring the fact that SC:R has basically the same thing going on. You can play SC:R with SC:Classic as well. You can play the campaign in both Remastered and Classic and all with a simple push of a button. But why would you ever think that they won’t do the same for WC3:R? I feel like you are setting yourself up for some serious disappointment by not taking how they handled SC:R into consideration.


Microtransactions are a must have. There is literally no argument against them.


I haven’t played Starcraft Remastered :woman_shrugging:

But I literally just said both versions are made to function exactly the same. One just has new graphics.

And they have been patching Warcraft 3 to make various changes like balancing or functionality of (hosting no longer requiring portforward and other things etc). Which is essentially alpha testing for them (getting the game working how they want with reforged).

As stated you will still be able to go and play classic. Classic has singleplayer / offline custom game functionality etc.

So I don’t get your point. I literally said both versions are the same?


Both Classic and Reforged will be moved to Bnet 2.0(confirmed) so you’ll need to be online atleast once a month if I remember correctly


I’d like to see a source for that – would be pretty interesting to know the details :stuck_out_tongue:


That would make sense almost all games now are supposed to be like that, honestly I don’t see the big deal with that, who doesn’t have internet nowadays anyway


Except both versions are not the same. Classic won’t be getting new voice acting and redesigned missions.


Althou both versions won’t have the same graphics, they must be essentially the same in order for them to work harmoniously, remember they are supposed to work together independently of whichever game you are using…

In other words, if reforged has both original and new voice acting allowing you to switch them, the original game will get this implemented aswell…
Because the mpq files should be the same for both games.

This is easy to tell because you will be able to play online games with both versions and cross versions of the game reforged or original.


I don’t think you watched any interviews about reforged…

Everything I have read or seen has said Classic and Reforged is the same game working on the same engine – and both are playing the same game.

One is just the older version with outdated graphics.
But you can and I quote ‘click a button’ and swap back to classic.

It’s the same game!

Maybe someone can find a source to show you – but again it’s a google search away to listen to an interview or two.


That is actually unconfirmed. Bobby B himself did not know it for sure at the time. And he’s the Creator.


It’s near the end of the interview with Pete Stillwell and Grubby I believe