Concerns over Character Model Changes


For me don’t forget as I said before - I never planned to come here and make a thread.
But I was sitting there many nights and thinking about Reforged, checking for any new news etc etc.

Then even though I knew it was probably inevitable we would end up with many of the changes we have spoken about in this thread.

I just said to myself:
Godamn it Tranq. You always just sit there – thinking to yourself about what you would like to see available in your games, but never voice it.
Why not make a thread and voice your concerns and see how it is received instead of just assuming that it will be rejected before you have even tried?

So this is me trying.

Whilst I still don’t agree because a lot of this information on WoWpedia is essentially a Wiki.
I had not seen half of that information all in one place like that thank you for the link.
Google had just delivered me to small piecies of it :smiley:


Yeah, i am stooopid and wood, wrote it backwards :confused:

Just corrected it


No problem, btw Wowpedia > Wowwiki

I know that i just kicked the wasps nest, glad i did it!


Well I got news for you. It’s probably coming anyway. Pretty sure it’ll be similar to how SC:R works. Should you lose your connection and not be able to sign in at least once a month you won’t have access to the Reforged stuff. Which is basically the same thing as always online.


I tend to disagree – I think we will still have our offline singleplayer campaign and the ability to play custom games offline.

Considering both versions are meant to fundamentally be the same the only difference being graphics/skins detail; then all we need to do is look at classic.

Until I see huge changes to the classic version in terms of functionality I doubt we would see much change other than UI, menus etc.


Voicing out your opinion can always be described as a bad thing for some people who think only they opinion matter…

But there’s many many many that again just like you… Would like to have things done some other way


Definetely i share you concern for Warcraft 3 models to be epic.

I also have played Warcarft 3 as child and I have high expectations.

But I ll say this.

From what I have seen, if those leaked models are right, we are in for one hell of an epic artstyle imo, I dont quite understand what is wrong is current art style Blizzard is pushing for in Reforged, I just hope what we have seen so far is official or if they can make it even better Im ok.


I don’t think this has ever been about being good or bad,
Right now the best example about this is the Lion King which everybody says has just stunning beautiful graphics, however it failed miserably to convey the old feeling, because graphics are not all…

I love the new sorcerer model

But there’s some specific models that failed to capture the epic feeling for some people, and they have their own right to voice it out


Well I for one am glad it’s not just me that feels this way about it.

Any units/heroes in particular people are worried about obviously other than the one I have been worrying so much about? :smiley:


For me it would be Jaina, she looks more like a random girl from a blizzcon with her cosplay on than the mage she used to be… As I always say, character design does not go along with blizzard

And her appearance doesn’t go along with a young naive Jaina, it goes along better for who Jaina was after… During wrath of the lich king…

Jaina has just gotten out of school and she hasn’t changed her outfit once in 7 in game years at least (till wrath of the lich king when she got a custom model) ?
-Kaels eyes should be blue, because althou they self proclaimed blood elves by the beginning of frozen throne, you don’t get to change your eye color because of that… Could only turn green after they learned mana syphoning and had contact with the fel, which is normally what turns green stuff

-maiev minor stuff… Her lips were green and sexy, otherwise she’s perfect.

-sylvanas looking exactly as she does in wow
(no progression whatsoever as a character)

-Tyrande well minor thing aswell with the hair, should be blue, and they could explain the change later as tyrande growing more mature having a result on her hair (some kids around thought the concept of Madurity relates to age, but it has nothing to with that, on immortal beings like elves, it would relate to wisdow and battle experience) but also the fact that they start to age as the result of the destruction of the world tree could explain tyrande’s “gray hair”
And that would be it for me, on the generic units I’m open minded to change

At the end of the day if they don’t want to use the old designs at least they should create complete new looks for the characters, which is far better idea than recycling their modern appearance, at least that way the characters would should some development and growing through all the in-game years, and not appear as they are static and unmoved.


Did her hair color change from blue to teal because of any lore reason or was it a character overhaul in wow?


Character overhaul in wow, but I said that as a possible explanation, rather than offering retconnings, we would get explanations


Hmmmm then they should have kept it blue.

They kept Thralls wolf black instead of white for “Snowsong” in current lore.

Weird. Especially because blue looks better.


Yeah I also like blue over teal


Mostly a design change during WoW.

Same with Malfurion having green hair and wings and such.

I actually hope they keep his classic look because he doesn’t have wings in the cinematic.


Before people freak about the colors.

Do people in China even know or care about the lore? Because if the marketing people don’t believe it’s important they probably just picked some characters and threw them up for folks to see during the event.

The other thing is, the models in WC3 have interchangeable color areas for multiplayer. Different parts of each model have specifically chosen areas that can have an altered color palette that still complements the rest of the character design.

They most likely have a few of the same exact character model concept artwork, all with various color changes to determine what areas will be the ‘interchangeable areas’, which best fits that model.

So, how do we know that some ‘marketing team’ didn’t just pick from a slew of different concepts that they thought “looked the best” for their ads?

What I’m ultimately trying to say is, people are concerned over the character colors in the marketing materiel, but how do you know you’re not looking at models for multiplayer?

Even from what was posted by the OP for Reforged.

This concept is showing the interchangeable color area. The teal area can be red/blue/yellow, ect. This is most likely why the teal color is more highlighted in the concept. The artiest probably has a few different versions of that same picture with different colors, to make sure the areas picked on the model will work with various different colors.

Realize that, the artists have to meticulously design specific areas that can be 20+ different colors for each model of the game.


Yes you are correct.

In my case though I with the whole Tyrande blue hair discussion – in the original Reign of Chaos campaign the Night Elves are blue.

But it’s looking more and more that they have moved Humans to the blue colour and Night Elves to teal based on most of the concept art and official website and now the ChinaJoy leaks.


Why? I believe the designers think Blue fits better for Human as Stormwind / Alliance colours are blue.
Which means they had to move Night Elves to something else.

However in the original game defence of mount hyjal Humans were Teal:

They stuck with Red for Orc and Purple for Undead.
Just had to move Night Elves away from Blue to make it make more sense for the typical WoW player who will be asking why are Night Elves Blue?
Tyrande’s hair was moved to Teal etc…

Anyway that’s how I think it’s probably gone about.


It uses elements from both designs.

Both hands on the keyboard while you post, champ.

Isn’t that par for the course with Sylvanas?


Wonder how our opinions will change if/when we get some real screenshots etc :stuck_out_tongue:


Like always u fail to completely understand the point, it shouldn’t use both designs simply because Jaina can’t foretell the future, so she doesn’t know who she gonna be in the future… Is that so hard to understand?

Please go to a simple class or learn anything about character design before speaking…

I’ll give your some advance, in a good designed character nothing is added because it looks good,
When it comes to fantasy you are not creating a character
You are creating something that resembles a living being, if you fail to convey that feeling, you are bad creating fantasy,
Go watch some Hayao Miyazaki films… Or read some lord of the rings só you can see how characters act and feel.

The best example of this is Miyazaki’s how’s moving castle, watch it, and you will see what character design is, why howl starts with a very flamboyant design with a pink coat and blond hair, and why as he starts to come down to earth, shows his feelings and emotions and comes out as a normal person, he only dresses with black pants and a white shirt… And black hair…

You are a kid and as long as you don’t grow up mentally you will never be able to understand this, and you think because you can state some facts you are right… Pathetic that is indeed…

Funny coming from the guy who wanted to see a female Pitlord and her breast. You are rather laughable