Community Patch Notes

Hey guys! The beta notes of the newest patch is always so little in information. I mean 5GB in a patch and just this? Let’s see if we can pinpoint changes ourselves. Have you found anything that changed from the last beta?

Menu - Audio Option for Language
Menu - Credits - With low-quality image
Menu - Option to toggle between Classic and Reforged

I can move my mouse to my other monitor in borderless window mode when not in a game now. Don’t have to alt-tab. Much appreciated.

I think they added some options: gore, profanity filter, FPS and background FPS.

Loading screen looks a bit different. Player names have their team color as the background.

color pallette seems to have changed in-game again.

New music I believe.

I think they shadow patched some performance issues, i’m getting like 100 fps average now but i’m still having hitches doing certain things like switching camera angles or building sometimes.

except that both audio and text options are grayed out

Alot has changed:

Colors are better, clearer and more diverse.
Graphics doesn’t look pixeled at medium settings.
Game flows much much better (optimization)
Certain units have better animations and lighting (wisps for example)

This was a huge improvement for me on my 2.7 GHz Nvidia GTX 1050. I can now play very well whilst just two days ago it was unplayable.

Guess they can’t write every specific improvement because it gets too technical.

if they wanted the feedback to be precise and focused, they’d provide better patch notes. right now we have to eyeball or find changes by random in the builds. its impossible to give feedback that way. communication is very lackluster to non-existant and “testing” the game has no use to it whatsoever due to this. i dont even know why they bother with the beta. the main feedback point is the forums right? and this is apparently abandoned. thats not how you handle such a community driven game like wc3. this is sooo disconnected, theyll have a 2nd diablo immortal thing coming with this one. i could write tons of bug reports and feedback threads, but i wont waste any more time into this. they dont even enable embedded pictures for the beta forums. its ridiculous. its like saying “how do you like the soup, sir? oh we have no spoon, and its 3 weeks old - do you need some salt and pepper?” and after that the waiter runs away and was never seen again.

from november on they just rush the content in to release in time. theres no beta release which focuses on fixing bugs or problems. we still have game breaking performance issues, team colors are gamebreaking aswell (randomly switching colors around), units and buildings are not properly sized, most spell effects are hard to read or of bad design, apparently theres also an issue with the camera zoom or angle, in the recent release they introduced additional sound bugs, the menus are the worst to ever be deployed into a triple A game - and they have been told thousand of times - but what do you do if you need to rush the game out? make the trash work 90% of the time and ship it.

blizzard missed several supposed design goals and milestones with reforged. right now the main goal is to deliver something on release day in two weeks. how much post release support and changes can we realistically expect, when the game gets torn apart in reviews and is a full on disaster for the driving force of wc3: the esport.

you, blizzard (haha ur not even gonna read it anyway, its just rhetorics), are not gonna get away with catering some rts campaign to wow players and throw the hardcore esport community out of the equation that gave life support to the game with maximum effort over a decade when you abandoned it to bolster your sc2 sales.

i have been always optimistic and supportive, but this is going down a one way route with no return from this point on.


I do agree with you on most, if not all, of your points. I have been shattered about the state of this game for the reasons you describe above. I have criticized them (read my previous post about Lemon Sky studios or horrible performance or playability etc).

Yet, I find it easy to spot the bugs (no wonder…) and am doing my best to report them. Most of the fixes I’ve seen so far has been related to comments from the forums, so they definitely read the forum, although they are a absent in providing any kind of presence here which means we are basically in a vacuum. My guess is that they cannot respond to all the criticism since it will be too much and they know they can’t solve it whithin the time frame. That’s my only explanation anyways.

Since this last patch, the game has been highly playable though (except when half of your own units take on opponent’s colors in a mirror match lol) and I am very sensitive to performance, ping and graphics as I think it ruins everything competitive RTS is about if it doesn’t work. So my hopes are a little higher, and the cam angle, colors, animations, disconnections etc can be fixed post release. I do think they will continue with that. Abandoning a game in a bad state would wreak havoc on their reputation and sales even in other areas, so it would be unwise of them and even the Activision part of Blizzard might understand such a basic truth. I will continue to provide my feedback for exact things in the game in the hope that they might save this game’s future, what else can I do? This game is too good for me to not do what I can.

The menus though, what a joke! I don’t even want to comment on that.
I share your frustration dude.
God speed.

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