Collection - Campaign Portraits Hard Mode

Hello, I have complete bonus campaign “Rexxar” all ACT 1-3 on HARD mode and i still did not receive collection - Campaign Portraits on Normal or Hard.

I notice that it say i have complete Hard on Act 1 and 3 but not the second which is weird.

I have screenshot for this.
I think it is bug and please solve this.

Thanks for reading.

Same for me!
I tried to do the 2nd mission again (3 hours), but still didn’t register.
I can’t wait for support to tell me “it’s fixed in next patch, you will have to do it again”.

Ahh so i am not alone about it! Yeah i hope it will fix soon! I did also tried 2nd mission and still did not register. :sob:

The allyourbasearebelongtous cheat should give you the credit for the second mission, and that will count towards your campaign/portrait progress.

It is a known issue on Hard and the bug report is in. Thanks friends.

What? i did not use cheat. I do not really understand what you say. Should i use cheat code to get campaign portrait?

Yes, if you want the portrait right now, the cheat should help you get it.

Ok thanks for reply!