Chapter Four - The Fires Down Below

This is using the Reforged settings.

Thrall is unable to pick up, use, or drop items. The dialogue boxes that show the character talking hasn’t been showing any text, just the portrait with their mouths moving. Thrall is unable to cast any spell whatsoever, even with full mana. The game kicks you out of the current session if you’re in the menu changing settings after 5 minutes, and takes you to the “Defeated” screen. In chapter two of the prologue, Hellscream’s dialogue box shows the text, but his name is “G”, that’s it.

Please don’t take this as a complaint, I just wanted to bring it to your attention so that these bugs can be fixed in a future patch. I look forward to replaying my childhood again! Keep up the good work!


These missions are missing for classic users.

I can confirm this. I just played through all of the prologue missions in Reforged and Classic. Reforged had the whole island adventure (chapter 3: Riders on the Storm, Chapter 4: The Fires Down Below, and Chapter 5: Countdown to Extinction) where as Classic only has the two videos, Chapter 1: Chasing Visions, and Chapter 2: Departures. Is this intended? I remember playing through chapter 3 - 5 in the original game, why was this cut?

This was happening to me but somehow fixed itself. I was unable to cast either of Thrall’s spells (CL, wolves) or use his items, but a few minutes into the mission suddenly this was resolved. The only thing I can think of that I did that was out of the ordinary was alt-tab a few times.

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Any additional info of things you guys were doing BEFORE getting into the mission would be super helpful! Thanks for the report


Of course, I’m happy to help!

I wasn’t really doing anything out of the ordinary. I did the missions as directed, didn’t skip any dialogue or cut scenes, and then started to play the mission. I noticed it when we first gain control of Thrall as I always cast my wolves first, then CL, before auto-attacking as I wait for my CD’s. I didn’t alt+tab or anything, i stayed in the game for the entire prologue, both play throughs (Reforged and Classic settings). I know the game kicks you out to the result screen which has the chat functions at the end of each mission, and I did interact with the community for a few minutes before proceeding into the mission, though I don’t know if that has anything to do with the issue or not.

As Latecpk mentioned above, it resolved itself after I made it about halfway through the level and finally allowed me to drop and pick up items, as well as cast my abilities.

I apologize if this isn’t all that informative, I’m really not sure that I did anything in-game that would have caused an issue. I leveled Thrall up each mission beforehand and killed all enemies as well, but I don’t know if that makes much of a difference.

I’m here to report my gf also ran into this bug last night. Couldn’t get it to fix but I told her about the two posters here who said it worked itself out so she’s going to try that again in a bit, hopefully that works.

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Same for me, says defeated after the cinematics, so did nothing special…very annoying as I cannot play the campaign…

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I wanted to report the same issue, with the addition that a few things I did to resolve, including saving and reloading, and starting the mission again, did not help to resolve the problem.

The problem fixed itself afater going through the first big gate protected by two burlier murlocs.

The issue returned after crossing the lower red flooded forded area and attacking the group of three murlocs. It was accompanied by an audio bug in which the murloc attacking sound played repeatedly.

The problem fixed itself after killing all the spider creeps further in, after repeatedly clicking on a scroll of regeneration 4 or 5 times

Thanks for the additional info everyone! We are continuing to investigate the issue, but the info you provided definitely pointed us in the right direction!

I had same bugs:

  • After killing a murlock, its death sound repeated 4 or 5 times.

  • I wanted to cast Thrall’s spell, than use Mana potion, but it seems it was stucked, because after clicking on the spells’ or items’ icon nothing happened. Also Thrall voice was stopped.

I don’t know, if it helps, but I think the ingame dialogs causes the problem with the unit’s voices, because in the first chapter the Narrator was talking and I was moving with Thrall, and after the Narrator stopped talking, Thrall was not talking (no voice, no talk animation) while I giving him orders. After a while this bug has been disappeared. And it seems that sometimes giving too much order in a short time (for example clicking several times on items or spells) is causing bottleneck which also disappears after a while.

Chapter 3-5 were never in the original game. Blizzard published them after the release of TFT as a custom campaign tho - that may be what you remembered.
They originally made these maps for a demo of Warcraft 3 back in the days.