Cant start W3 beta crashes at launch


I can’t start the W3 beta game. When I try there is a black screen and then the crash box for reporting. After invetigation I’ve found in my device manager that I have 2 display devices : Intel® HD Graphics 3000 and NVidia Geforce GT 525M.

When I disable the Intel HD I can start the game but then everything is too slow (menus etc). When I do the same with the Nvidia game doesnt start. So the problem seems to come from the Intel HD Graphics 3000. W3 Classic runs smooth at 160 fps with the Intel HD on though.

To help further here is one of the the crash ID I sent : 0ADA7BCB-D02D-4E4D-80B4-5D5F74DF6408

I’ll be sending email with crash.txt, msinfo.txt and dxdiag.txt per email with the crash ID to link back to this post.

Hope this will help solve this issue. Thanks.


My beta also crashes upon start and a black screen :confused:
I am also with Intel HD Graphics 3000 and AMD Radeon HD 7400M Series.
Looking forward to your reply, Blizzard.
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Same here. The moment I start the game it crashes immediately with the following message ‘Unable to initialize graphics. Please ensure your operating system and drivers are up to date.’
I also have a laptop with an Intel HD Graphics 3000 and a NVIDIA GeForce 610M.
Did you find any solution to the issue?

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Same here now. After my initial post I was able to run the “elf patch”. But then the following patch gave me the “Unable to initialize graphics. Please ensure your operating system and drivers are up to date.” up until now.
I’ve tried several things to bypass the problem without success. Praying for an update to fix this issue.

Thanks for the UUID! It’s super helpful! The email also helps a ton :slight_smile: we will be investigating.

2080ti I9990K and doesn’t start at all. Version