Can't play more than 2 players on PTR


Hello guys, i’m wondering if it is normal that we can’t play as 3 players in custom game on We tried and I explain : I’m A, a friend B and another friend C. So when A creates a game, everyone can join the saloon, the Leader start the game and A and B can play but C is blocked in the loading screen and it shows “waiting for players”. But when B creates the game, A is blocked but C is able, When C creates, B is blocked and A is able. It’s very curious and I would like to know if it’s normal and if it will be patched in the live game. Thanks. If you need some others explanation, tell me ! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mark Chandler) #2

Thanks for the report. We will investigate.


Could you please let me know when this problem is fixed ? I will retry it with my friends and inform you. Thanks.