Cant launch the game - Lion Screen


I was playing Warcraft III Reforged yesterday and it was just normal to me but this morning, whenever I click the Play button it took me the Lion head screen and let me wait there for more than 20 mins until I closed the game as I was so unhappy with this.

I have just read through some of the posts and people suffering this issues as well.

Please help us to fix this problems.

Anything happen between the time it worked and the time it didn’t? Did you install any programs? Change any system settings? etc.

Nope. Didn’t install anything. Now I still couldn’t launch the game. It’s bad mate.


The most common reason for a sudden failure to launch is due to a sudden third-party software conflict. I recommend disabling all startup Windows programs following the steps Here. Restart the PC and retest. If the issue continues, consult with our support team Here.

Thank you.

Things don’t just magically change without anything happening. Even a bad windows update can break games, or some background software that was running one time but not the next. Regardless of what you think the problem might be, you should follow the steps above.

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