Can't connect on europe server

Hello, I wonder if someone can explain to me why i can’t connect on european warcraft 3 server, I get stuck at loading screen but I still can connect on Americas server


Same problem :frowning:

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Same, can’t log-in as well - guess we ain’t playing warcraft 3 this weekend…

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Had the same. So did 3 others.
Eventually could login. Ladder game ping varied between 20 and 500 up and down from second to second.

Have the same issue. I am stuck on the loading screen with this dumbass lion gate. When I switch servers to Americas or Asia it works.

Same here .

Same problem for me. Blocked on the loading page (lion screen)

I have the same issue

Ah, I though I was the only one! I checked all programs on my computer to see why this issue suddenly arose.
I got this stuttering sinde 2-3 days and it made competitive play nearly impossible for me…
Also I’m as well stuck in the lion-loading-screen

Same issue, I cannot connect at all on the EU, tried dozens of times. They don’t even have a freakin queue counter or something.

same problem here when trying to connect to the europe server it get’s stuck at the lions gate

same for me and my mates. please check this blizzard

Same issue

Same here…and Blizzard does not answer…as always it needs 24h

Same. Also all of my friends has this issue.

Same issue here on the european server.

I couldn’t log in 2 hours ago. After several attempts to turn off the router, computer or w3. But I was shocked and logged in: D. Then after an hour I turned off, now I want to turn on and the same problem. Maybe they made a limit of players: D If someone comes out the second one will enter

same problem. Why we dont have still official info

Do you guys also experience ping spikes?

Since about 2 days now I have the quite annoying issue of experiencing my ping alternating between 40-1000ms, creating a stuttering in game which makes it nearly unplayable…
First I thought it’s my internet/pc, but I didn’t experience that issue in other games, which makes me think it’s maybe related to the european log-in server issues