Cant come to main menu

I press play in blizzard app. All that happens is that i load in to the lion wood door. And i get stuck there. I can move mouse and all. But dosent load in to game main menu.
Restarted pc, bliz app, and router.
Still same. Been like this for 3h ish.


I’m getting the same issue, left it there for 30 minutes and no change

Same for me…
and I also got weird ping spikes which I can’t explain when playing the game since about 2-3 days. Doesn’t matter if playing custom games or “vs-mode”

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Same issue here - hanging out on the main screen forever …

Same Problem

All the same after update.

When the problem was active i could connect but now i can’t. Have same problems as the other.

Same error here, just a golden lion door after press play in EU. But if you switch region to america one, you can reach the main menu. Now i try to revert in EU, but we have the same golden lion here…

Same as you guys. Was working in the afternoon.

Same issue.
My game opens, then nvidia geforce asks if i want to use overlay, then 4 seks after screen goes black for ½ sec and then nothing more happens.

do u guys also use nvidia geforce?

same problem since today!!!

Few minutes ago I was playing campaign and it stacked. Than I exit the game and wanted launch again but the lion screen is frozen cant enter in main menu. Restarted battle net, Restarted also PC but nothing is working. Any solutions?

Same problem ffs just let us have our classic back not this refunded shat client, just problems after problems…

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Same here . We buy ur game . FIX IT FFS

I’m getting the same issue

Same issue.

To play the single player and the campaign you can restart the client changing the region to America, and it works, i even play a multiplayer match but obviously with a lot of lag.

I’m getting the same issue, left it there for 30 minutes and no change