Campaign progress lost

I finished night elves campaign and finished 1 level in Maiev campaign, after that I rebooted my PC and few hours later I launched WC3 Reforged again and after that I had seen that all my campaign progress lost and I must to finish all campaigns again!
(Funny that all my save files from previous levels are saved and I can load them)
P.S Sorry for possible mistakes, english isnt my national language

Same issue, my saved “March of the Scourge” progress will not load and gives a “The map file referenced by the saved game is different from the map file on your hard drive message.” Since my last game time when I saved my progress there has been an update/patch, that is all. What got screwed up and can I fix it somehow? Did my install location possibly get obstructed in the update (I’ve seen those errors before on patches) since I’m not using the default directories in my setup?


We point this error out and why it occurs on our Patch Notes post Here. In summary due to how a bug needed to be resolved the fix prevented campaign saved maps from being loaded before the patch. You will need to start the mission over.

Thank you.