Campaign performance (Low FPS spikes)

I’m experiencing various frame rates issues in various moments of the Campaign. On the below screen you can see just a few units and barely 20 fps on the clock.
Got GTX 1070, i9 2700k so it should handle it quite easly.
DxDiag: Pastebin: EGwdGwnD


I have had this as well. I have also had a lot of flashing that is a huge risk of causing seizures in people.

Same here, on same mission but 30fps for me :wink:
Got GTX 1060, i7 8750H 24Go

same problem here. I7, Geforce gtx 950m. How could they release this thrash?

Same issue here.

i7-6700k, GeForce 1070. On the first prologue mission I was getting insane spikes of lag where my game would just freeze and I could see WC3R using over 70% of my CPU.

The FPS was pretty horrible too.

Same. Spikes when a unit or structure appears every time, fps drops. GeForce 1050 Ti


Same as above, I7 4770k, GTX 1060, 8 gb of ram. Split second freezes whenever units or structures are made. Settings do not matter, I’ve tried high and low.


for me before upgrade driver 40 - 50 fps after upgrade video driver now i have more than 140 fps.

Over undead ground or doodads such as fountains my FPS drops from around 100 to 28-32. I have a 1080 TI and a 1800x, I shouldn’t have to worry about my FPS.

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Same here i5, 8gb ram, GTX 1060…barely 20 FPS…I wonder what high end PC we need for 60 fps? xD

Same mission , same problem here, RTX 2080 Ti… i7 7700k, ddr4 2x8gb 3333mhz

Are we going to receive any help? bump

Blizzard : NO ! We already have your money. xD

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Same here, I periodically get freezes and fps drops in most of campaign missions without any discernible cause…


I have my max FPS set to 55. Yet I mostly play with 20 fps. Sometimes 17. A good day it’s plateauing around 40. My ping also changes randomly from 60 to over 300.

How can I improve this mess… (except buy a new computer. to Reforge’s defence I’m playing on a very old one)?