Bye Bye Blizzard and WC3 REMONEY ! 🙁

I was following the forum to see if Blizzard can at least give an answer …
Since they don’t even have balls to answer… I guess it’s the end.

I sold my Blizzard stocks, I received my refund for WarCraft 3 Refunded.

I guess Blizzard have not thought that many of those who have played Warcraft 3 are no longer children.

To do the ‘s*** game’ that Blizzard has done, Blizzard should call it REMONEY NOT REFORGED, or at least ‘remaster’ and charge € 9,99 for it and NOT remove anything from the old one…

Instead, what they have done are promises, promises and promises …
I have seen the demo cutscene + demo video and I preordered from day one…

I am not going to waste more energy on that…

Bye Bye Blizzard !!! :frowning: You will not see my money again!!!


why would you sell your blizz stock when its upticking for a while now, without immidiate danger of falling back down?

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Blizzard gave an answer. He basically said it was our fault for having very high expectations.


Wait what? Really?

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Yep, instead of say “we are sorry” they are “sorry” if our Expectation was high

Another place to put the blame

Wow… So when are they removing the new cutscene that is advertising the game? :thinking:


but at the same time they put new maps without dialogues. as if it were the beta of an indii game. although they redoubled the whole game

so clearly it is not for the communities that made that change.

It might as well be… If this is the best they can make at the moment… Guess the billions they generate isn’t enough to make a decent remaster of a already great game of 2002… I’ll take that back, this is a insult for indie developers, they do great games with way less of a budget than these AAA companies…

The Indian community?

There are mods that are better than this.

I am looking forward to one of totalwar on Azeroth.

ArTiM, an example to all.

I see a dead game

They laid down their smelling sausage towards opinion of fans and users. That post is an unsuccessful try to calm people and it is a try to justify themselves.

Well to be fair it is nitpicking little crap from what I’ve seen people complaining about. The game itself is working just fine for most people.

Did anyone else read “Socks”?
I thought he was selling his special edition Blizzard socks, lol.


if it is true that very few complain.
I assume Blizzard ends up getting rich with this game.
have to have at least
20,000,000 players.
because you know 20,000 seems to be only a small part.

Big parts of the complaints are about all the features that were previously in and now removed (doesent matter if it was 3rd party or whatever since they were well established and normaly standart in todays games)
things like having less animations in a game that is basicaly a remodel of the old game just in a nicer coat (cause that what remasters are and well thats fine)
is just stupid
other things are sometimes nitpicking (like having certain dialogs of a unit removed) but oftentimes there is not realy any reason to remove them so while it might be nitpicking its somewhat understandable
then there are things like the whole stupid marketing (like even after release still advertising the game using parts that are not even in the game in this form) or the bugs (oftentimes game breaking) that many people encountered
yes they are individual and something that frankly speaking can happen and once agein its not a problem the problem with that is that the part of the player base that encounters them is to big and they encounter them far to frequent for it to still be a minor issue
in addition some remade things are just plain up stupid from what i saw (not a true developer myself just dabbled a bit in coding and made some mods or a little text rpg back in the day so having to rely on others for how good something is or not in terms of coding)
the part i am mostly talking about is that the Main menu seems to run over chrome (causing performance issues for many and while i dont know that much about coding i do know that chrome can eat a lot of res)
there are more things but frankly speaking people post so many much better lists that if you do care you will have already read them
Edit: if not then just as a small example of the ammount of problems they are just purely listing the features and the posts are comparable to mine

LOL “im so mad at blizz right now! im selling my blizzard socks!!!”

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better wash them first