Building buttons location


In my opinion, all building buttons locations need to be improved by bringing them together to a single buttons scheme, just to bring clarity and convenience. I offer few variants: - Free Image Hosting
Arranged to single scheme: all buttons placed in accordance to current human buttons scheme. Other variants are possible, but this has minimum changes. Hunter’s Hall button may be shifted to the left - more usual location and no empty slot between buttons, but the scheme won’t be entirely single for all races.

Alternative single scheme (is what I prefer the most): all buttons are orderly, empty slot turns up only in the 4th column, though it may be a little bit unusual, players will get used, not many changes here. Hunter’s Hall button may be shifted up, but that’s not recommended - not so usual location anyway and the scheme won’t be entirely single for all races.

At least what should be done with current state is improving of Night Elves building buttons locations: Ancient of Wind move to empty slot, Chimaera Roost and Ancient of Wonders shift to the left. I see no reasons why Night Elves buttons scheme should not correspond to the Orcish (in current state).


That’s pointless, it doesn’t matter which building button is on the left or which on the right. Most of ppl learnd buildings name and use the first letters (sometimes not the first one) to build the building they want, and the most of the rest, don’t care about theyr locations.


I agree, this is kind of pointless. You just have to learn and memorize the locations - the buildings and tech trees are different for all races anyway. Also, if that really bothers that much, you can change the locations and hotkeys for just yourself:


Well, there are some quantity of aesthetes, for whom it does matter. You can’t know how many we are (and from now on we will be watching you :eye:).

Opportunity to peck some files cannot be an excuse for leaving building buttons in disorder, especially while game is still patching.


“Disorder” is very subjective opinion. How do you know Blizzard didn’t have some kind of order in mind when they chose the button positions? I’m sure they didn’t just randomly throw them around. Maybe you just don’t see the order? Also, it’s not “pecking some files”, it’s Blizzard’s own custom hotkey system. All you have to do is put the desired hotkeys (and/or button positions) to a text file and put it in to the correct folder.

“Still patching” is kind of funny choice of words. The game is actually 16 years old and just now they have started to tinker with it again. It’s not like they were updating and keeping up with the game all these years.

Also, they are updating the hotkey system with Reforged, so they are aware that these current system is not very user-friendly. I don’t think it’s a far stretch for them to also give us option to choose the positions of the buttons. Or if nothing else, the current system must also work, so then you can change the positions that way.


I think, Cubucar’s idea is quite relevant.
It also makes sense to use the first two rows for T1 buildings and the last one for T2/T3 buildings. For example,

Hall, Farm, Barracks, Tower
Altar, Shop, Mill, Blacksmith
Sanctum, Workshop, Aviary, cancel

Hall, Burrow, Barracks, Tower
Altar, Shop, Mill, empty
Lodge, Bestiary, Totem, cancel

Necropolis, Goldmine, Crypt, Ziggurat
Altar, Shop, Graveyard, Pit
Temple, Slaughterhouse, Boneyard, cancel

Tree, Moonwell, AoW, Protector
Altar, Shop, Huntress Hall, empty
Wind, Lore, Roost, cancel


Here is your Custom Keys file for your buildings’ order, so you can stop complaining :smiley: Just download that and save it to \Documents\Warcraft III\CustomKeyBindings. You can change them to what ever your hearts desire, if there’s still some disorder to your liking.


So what?.. They already changed some buttons locations after they have started to tinker with it again.

Well, what can I say here?.. [here must be placed smiley hitting himself against the wall]