Bug Report from Grubby

Full video starts at 11:25

Classic Issues:
No profiles yet
You can invite friends to your party but can’t kick them
All custom games have high red ping (maybe not a bug but because hosts are in NA)
Black screen before game
Timer doesn’t correspond to game start
Blueprint of altar looks different
Camera angle different (about 10 degrees lower)
Minimap looks flatter in color
Fog of war too dark (can’t see unexplored areas well enough). Looks like Brood War
Blade looks weird, lack of shadows, walks differently
Sound of the wizard dying too loud. full sound even when camera is not in focus (may be because of Grubby’s drivers not being updated). For example you can hear blademaster’s sword chopping even when he’s off screen.
More blur for the units moving
Grunts also look bigger but it’s probably because the camera angle is different
Troll creeps too green at the natural goldmine. They had color palettes before and now they’re all green.
Burrow attack sound too loud
Tinker explosion sound wrong
Troll death sound too loud

Reforged Issues:
Units dont have acknowledgement sounds when the game first starts for a few seconds
Grass still looks bad
Unit queue tab looks bad
No sound when the peon finished and came out of the great hall
Portrait shading weird
Camera angle also too low
Attack sounds tinny
Wolf runs in a weird way
Spirit wolves of some colors don’t look ethereal enough (brown/grey especially – blue is better)
No sound when the auto attack or ability cast comes out, only when it lands (at least for raider net and far seer autoattack)
No ability to choose the location of the opponent you’re playing against. If you’re in EU you have no say if you match vs someone in NA or China which means your ping is going to be super high even if you don’t want it to be.
Voice sounds too sharp
Heal salve looks like a greater healing potion
TC stun animation too subtle


Thank you for compiling all of these!


it should be a no a brainer to have the game tested by pro players before even releasing beta. They see everything…
I feel so sad for Grubby! if you watch the stream he played only 2 games on reforged then had enough…