Blizzard, you block Reforged custom map development

When i create a map i want the freedom to base my design on the new models, right now this makes no sense because no one uses the reforged graphics option, so before players could join a reforged only map they had to go to the settings menu and switch to reforged graphics, but why?? This makes no sense at all just let them join the reforged maps so the modding community can make actual use of the reforged graphics.

This is false. Lots of people do. I do, so that automatically makes the assertion “no one” false by itself.

Some people don’t of course, but if you want your map to work in classic mode, then you have to use the classic assets. Otherwise, the map essentially gives people who don’t own it access to reforged assets. While I wouldn’t have a problem with it personally, I imagine the bean counters at Activision would.


It would be nice if the game actually let players import both HD & SD versions of models by using the same path (and a different setting).

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t allow this, so if you include any reforged graphics models in a “mixed” map, the models are just invisible to SD players.

guess you dont get my point, players who DO own reforged should just be able to join reforged maps without having to go back to options and changes settings, its just needless complication

to be fair that’s on the map maker’s mistake like there’s an setting where a game is exclusively HD

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I don’t think ive ever had to change the game mode to join a custom game

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honestly reforged graphics are just fine for custom games. The gripe with reforged graphics came from how horrible they end up being in melee maps where you need to quickly and accurately scan the field to recognize which units are which and who they belong to.

yes cause no one develops for reforged because of this setting, that was my point…

I can name you at least five HD custom maps and three HD custom campaigns

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sure, please tell me, name reforged custom maps that actually do get played

Frostcraft Reforged, Impossible Siege, Magi Maul, Assault The Throne, War Quest World, Bosses of Warcraft and Tomb of the Dragon, just to name a few. These are some of the most downloaded custom maps on Hive Workshop and I didn’t even get to the custom campaigns.

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There’s also Re-Reforged and Chronicles of the Second War, one is already in development for Path of the Damned and the latter is about to release soon

lmao I still can’t post links; guess I’m not chronically online enough here


1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th aren’t really HD (exclusive) maps; I’d name BurnedSmackdown’s chapter maps, FrostCraft, Superfrycook’s altered melee series, Warcraft 2 Remembered, Battle of Darrowshire, Summoner’s Call, Barorque’s altered melee series, Krale Edensmear, and that one map with Lord Maxwell Tyrosus and his Argent Dawn soldiers I forgot the name

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No, many people do. I have many “reforged” maps, the reforged assets are used as well as the newer features.

Check hosted custom games, see that the vast majority does not. Whats the point of making things up?

I’m not making things up? “the vast majority” of maps are old maps made before reforged. Newer maps do use the features. You can find many such maps with “reforged” in the name just to drive that home.

Perhaps the maps you play don’t support reforged mode, but the ones I play do. And no, it isn’t just because they do.

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