Blizzard, please take PTR feedback into account

Hello Blizzard!
I just wanted to ask one thing of you: Take in the specific feedback from the community around the 1.32.9 PTR patch. Many ppl have come with adjustments that are way less extreme than what you have proposed. I hope the reason you proposed big changes was to gauge the response and adjust from there. I like some of the ideas you put forth, but human needs some nerfs as well (Clap, spell breaker HP (would make human mirror better too, favoring knight play)), just to name a few. Moreover, wisp nerf is too extreme, same with Stomp and DK aura. Maybe make smaller changes and not favouring only human, the most successful race?

I really hope you listen to community, and btw, we can all collect ideas from the top players if you want, all you need to do is ask, the community is strong!

Regards from a wc3-loving player.


Frost Wyrm changes are missing. So are changes/overhaul to Necromancers. Gargoyle AI must get fixed. This was promised to be in the game with Reforged. Its still not fixed. Destroyer missing 25% of their attacks needs to get fixed.

Double Cargo Size of Raiders is needed to stop braindead haunted goldmine destruction which many Orcs are doing against UD. There is no way to prevent it if Orc finds a scroll of the beast. They drop in Raiders and Heroes via zeppelin, destroy the mine and prevent repair and TP out. Rinse and repeat while getting up expo. Lyn has already destroyed Happy with this and many players just pick Orc on concealed hill to abuse the Lab position and use the same Zeppelin harass.

Remove the ability of Kodos to devour units 4 supply and above is an easy change that should be implemented right away. It improves UD vs Orc matchup and allows UD to make better use of Abominations and spread disease Cloud. While having minimal impact on other matchups. Thats exactly how you want to balance the game.

Basilisk, you are heavily biased in favour of Undead in these forums. Pls take all races into account.
All the best.

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The patch is fine, it seems Blizzard has learned from the past few years now not to ask biased pro gamers for balance suggestions. And clap and spellbreakers are fine as they are.

Blizzard’s ptr patch was torn apart by both the community, pro players and casters. The fact that Human as the best performing race in all of warcraft 3 ONLY GETS BUFFS is absurd. The current world champion is Human after a Human vs Human finals. Humans have dominated the tournaments and player earnings for the vast majority since 2003 till 2020!

Orc vs HU will be unplayable if this PTR goes live unchanged. Orc has 0 answer for Breakers and Clap is way too strong. Blademaster was effecitvely removed as a viable hero choice, just because of how Clap diminishes his effectiveness. Now Orc has switched to Farsser + TC. With this, Breakers counter both heroes and turn them into useless attack click units. And now Blizzard wants to nerf TC more. Thats just terrible. Clap and Breakers need a nerf. Otherwise Orc is forever stuck running away from a 6+ Breaker Human army because there is no way to win a fight against them. The only way to win is by constant laming or a sudden mass Wyvern switch (see Fly vs Sok on Echo Isles when Fly banked 1,4k gold for mass Wyvern switch).

Elf vs Human is already in favour of Human. Now Wisps get a giant nerf. Human lategame army is already much stronger than Elf lategame army with lots of inner fire. Clap is still a direct counter to Bears. +1 dmg on Bears will have almost no difference. However the wisp mana drain nerfs are terrible for this matchup.

UD vs Human is on the verge of becoming Human favoured. Human is always favoured if they get to do their thing. They creep faster than any race. They expand faster than any race. Human must be harassed by all races so others can keep up. Beetles are nerfed 3 patches in a row now. Human can steal them and easily dispell with mercs. They should have received the burrow nerf but the HP nerf and mana nerf needs to be reverted. CL has the least mana and mana regen out of all summon heroes.

If you do not harass Human, they show up at your base with lv 3 AM and 2+ Water Elementals. Other races are vulnerable to Summon harass as Human has been doing for years. Remember Beastmaster + AM push to cancel all T2 buildings by Orc? Or pushing with Rifles against Elf before Bears are finished? Or sending Footmen + AM + water elementals into UD base while teching and expanding?

The new repair changes will mean UD will get completely owned by Tanks and raider lame. Acolytes can no longer repair upgraded Ziggurats vs Tanks. Masses of Gyrocopters own Destroyers completely. Its a very lopsided matchup, but with 10+ Gyros the Destroyers have no chance. Knights kill Fiends in 6-7 hits and now Fiends are slower due to aura nerfs, a massive change.

Every Human will build 1 less Arcane tower if this patch goes through. Thats 2 less towers in total (main and expo). This will mean Human gets 1 additional unit footmen or Rifle or whatever for the cost of 2 towers in every single matchup.

This is absurd. Imagine if UD would suddenly run around with 1 more Fiend in the earlygame, or Orc has 1 more Grunt. Arcane towers are very strong already, can even detect invisible units with upgrades. They must not be buffed!