Blizzard cancelling the new voice lines is the best thing to happen to this game

Maybe they should make a DLC later for people who have WOW subsctription :smiley:

And retcon the story

But for us.

Reforged and and alternative storyline is better


I wouldn’t go that far.

What’s wrong with Ragnaros and Neferian in Blackrock Mountain?

Or the Old God C’thun in Silithus?

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They believe that it blocks possibility of Warcraft 4. Which is not true as Warcraft 4 can happen after or alongside WoW events. The only blockade is Blizzard not being eager to make a new RTS game that could be great hit against Starcraft.

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I’m pretty sure BFA is the Fourth War, so it may be the setting stage for WC4


Yes, but first we need “new” Warcraft 1 and 2 because a lot of things have changed respect from the old times. Like Medivh that in Warcraft 1 was a bald crazy wizard that summons scheleton. We need a better scenario with Khadgar, Lothar, Garona and a quick Cutescene where khadgar take the aging spell in the face

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Yes, we would also need to retcon WC1 and WC2 if we would reforge them, here’s some observations by deestrasz:

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I dont understand all those people trying to find a way for a wc4 to exist xD
They cant even deliver a WC3 remastered right. I mean it’s all there WC3 classic is right there you just have to deliver the same game update graphics add some more story lines and do some cinematics add some way to reconnect a game when dc. It’s impossible to f*ck it up and yet they manage to let everyone down.
My point is, you dont want a wc4 developed by this company which is all about greed and money anyway.
If you want a WC4 riot for CD Red Projekt or someone else to buy the warcraft franchise and then you can have something worth playing not that crap that is gonna be reforged or as i call it way for them to get 40$ out of everyone thanks to nostalgia without actually delivering any content.
I’d like to see a WC4 too but just not from Blizzard

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Agreed not all of its bad, but much of it is, especially the major/main storyline/storytelling that has suffered heavily from the MMO concept.

Smaller storylines that have not so big impact on the overall lore are much better told in WoW though as there is more room for that kind of smaller side stories than there would have ever been in RTS game.

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I am sure we will get first and second wars as DLC.

There is no need to retcon the heal. They retconned it back that elves taught humans arcane magic and they got heal from the Light(visions of naaru given to Mereldar) itself.


I dont know where your confidence on that is coming from, considering that remaking the first two games in Refroged would require so much more work than what Reforged itself required…and I think Reforged team already made clear that there would not be any new campaigns as DLC.

Only if Reforged would become suprisingly huge success (which sadly is very unlikely to happen), only then I could see Activision-Blizzard giving permission to add more content to Reforged.

Well they could maintain Warcraft 3 gameplay with new story. There is no need for Warcraft 1 mechanics.

I am sure they will try to add content at least at the start. They need to make money.

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Then you can stop visiting this forums and enjoy your World of Warcraft… Have fun my friend, and i hope you never return here :slight_smile:

Hero we deserve!

Who knows who will be owner if that ever happens…

Give one (1) example of lore during the WoW era that you feel conflicts poorly with lore from the WC3 era, or that you just don’t like to begin with. Should be easy, since there’s tens of millions of lines of story in WoW. Pick one.


Can I just broadly gesture to Kael’thas’ “arc” from World of Warcraft as an example? Blizzard’s never really been great with the whole corruption/manipulation/generally goes crazy angle. We’re kind of shown that Kael’thas isn’t that kind of person even when pushed to the brink by the Scourge, but we leave him alone for a few years in Outland and he’s been scheming against Illidan and scorning his own people this whole time?


He was never corrupted/manipulated/crazy, though. His entire point of following Illidan was finding a new source of power for his people to feed on since the Sunwell was darkened by Arthas/Kel’thuzad.

I also don’t see how he was scorning his people, unless you mean the Scryer’s, which, to be fair, they betrayed him.

Still, I think the overall story is consistent with not only his character, being a Prince, him willing to do anything to save his people, and the general effects of Sunwell/Arcane/Fel relapse.

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Pardon me sir, but as i said before, I have become quite lazy…
but you can check couple of them yourself on this thread:

A lot of pros and cons in both ways…

I will return here so much times as I want. I want warcraft 3 strategy with updated lore. I paid for remake, not a re-skin.


And I would say you had completely wrong kind of expectations then for the game considering that at no point were you promised a remake, but something that leaned much more towards to visual remaster above all else…So I say you only have yourself to blame for setting unrealistic expectations and making yourself to think that Reforged would be a remake, rather than a remaster.

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I really hoped that we will get fresh lore. I still believe we may get WoW story as DLC.