Black Screen crash only sound and gauntlet cursor

After starting the game i can hear the sound of the main page and see the gauntlet cursor but it stays black screen, tried reinstalling, change windowmode preference, uninstalling additional programs that could affect, please help!!

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Same for me . Tried upgrading driver but that did nothing . Not happy at all.

Thanks for the report Rhasta and Scuey. We’ve heard reports of issues like this occurring with AMD laptops, could you both confirm if you have a laptop with an AMD GPU?


I have a similar issue, though I am using an Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M. When I start up the game it will either go black screen with the cursor until it decides to crash, or it will get to the main menu and be unplayably laggy.

Edit: My drivers are all up to date.

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We have the same problem, i made a post about it.

PS: i dont have a laptop, but yes an AMD

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yes im AMD laptop lease help same problem? black screen with curose done alot of things

yesI have same problems and i got AMD gpu laptop

Yes I have AMD laptop
Guys if this helps, i am able to play now but i had to completely restore my pc to factory settings i tried the game and it worked, but then it sync with the cloud and i updated the drivers with AMD adrenalin, and it crashed again. Idk if it was some file or configuration of windows that sync or the drivers update, probably last one, so i havent update my driver and game works. So for now i would recomend trying this as your last resource, i know its very upsetting and it takes too long. Hope that they are working on this issue even if they did not mention it directly here Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update

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