Beta Roll Out


would ya just let all valid purchase enter the beta…why aggressive invitation is matter? uh?


My beta has arrived guys!!! Let’s go!!! Just a few moments ago!!!


Should Spoils preorders still expect to be in before Blizzcon?


Nice! got it!


I’m in the betaaaa! I didn’t expect myself to be this excited, but to see the Night Elves and Orcs in HD is going to rock :smiley:

Hopefully we can have custom hotkeys as that would help me out a ton. Rock on!

(Pete Stilwell) #99


We’ve batched through the failed beta assignments, please recheck your access. Enjoy the beta; feedback has been great.



Thanks dad i eagerly await my invite


I’m waiting dad.


The game is freezing when I m trying to build anything


Although i agree with you about the hong kong situation and blizzard’s actions you are completely out of topic.


It feels good to be back!


:loudspeaker: gimme beta


well i tought that i had no beta but you have to select it in region / acc


So yep I’m one of those people posting about how I don’t have beta yet but I’m curious as to whether or not it’s a guarantee for those that own the spoils of war edition to get beta


Still no Mac version for me… :frowning:


I have an issue. I have clicked onto the beta launch and all I get is a black screen. I have rebooted, made sure my Battlenet app is updated etc. Still nothing. Is this as intended for right now?


i did not recive the invitation email, but i can install and login the beta. there are no beta flags in my account information and i cant post in the beta forum.


pls send me beta test :slight_smile:


Thank you and your team Pete, for all your hard work and dedication. WC3 has never looked better, it is down right breathtaking. It is a Beta and there might still be work left to do but I think it’s important to acknowledge how far the game has come! Thanks you!


Hello classic team.

Will there be new warcraft merchandise in the future, like shirts, posters, keylaces for example ?