Beta Known Issues List

Known Issue’s List (

Before reporting any issues, please update your drivers.

As seen in our Patch Notes we will be running some load testing to help gain additional confidence. You may experience lag or other issues while this testing is occurring. Please don’t hesitate to post if you experience any issues that might be related to the tests.

Below you can find a list of the current known issues for Reforged Beta:

  • NEW - Upon logging in all PvP Portraits will be greyed out, after another win with each race all previously unlocked portraits will unlock again.
  • NEW - Mac users will experience Mouse confinement issues at higher resolutions.
  • NEW - Mac users Mouse input is not working correctly in game while playing on Fullscreen Mode. (A work around is to alt tab out and back in)
  • NEW - Pressing ESC to save Options while in a Custom Game Lobby puts players into a bad state.
  • UPDATE - Units make no sound upon Unit Creation when not currently looking at the building that is creating the Unit.
  • Changing the ‘Alternate Form Unit’ field of the Metamorphosis ability causes the model to not change when the ability is used.
  • Enemies and Allies will not see equip skins in Custom Games.
  • SD Player’s loading screen will turn black when they finish loading. (The Game does not actually start until every player loads, a black screen means other players are still loading!)
  • Players are unable to join Private Custom Game Lobbies.
  • The Unit Thumbnail in the Alter may not accurately reflect your chosen Hero skin.
  • Due to server issues, games can become out of sync.
  • Some people may experience a crash when placing a building.
  • Windows 7 Machines with 4 GB or less of RAM will freeze or crash when loading maps; larger RAM capacity will occasionally experience this problem as well.
  • Users with AMD Graphics cards will experience performance issues.
  • There can be a delay for the menus to appear after the user is logged in.
  • Sending a Whisper to a non-friend will display as sending but not actually send.
  • Performance on Low spec machines is not optimized.
  • Remaining players are notified that “Blizzard” has left the game when a player leaves the match.
  • Disabling V-sync may increase your performance.
  • Weather, Rain, or other ambient sounds may be very loud in specific areas.
  • Music may be enabled when launching the client or switching focus even when it is set to be disabled.
  • The Far Seer’s Spirit Wolves aren’t “spirits” and do not display team color well.
  • Sorceress’ invisibility plays the sound twice.
  • Structures or units that go through an upgrade or transformation do not abide by the rules of ally color mode.
  • Using the Berserker ability “Berserk” does not play a sound.

The following issues from the Known Issues List have been fixed in the most recent patch:

  • Players with multiple GPUs can get a black screen when launching the game.
  • Classic Mode camera angle is different from current Warcraft III: Frozen Throne.
  • The Custom Game Warchaser is crashing on launch.
  • Menu music will play in-game instead of intended race specific game music.
  • Players may find themselves disconnected after a Custom Game
  • Alt-Tabbing out while loading into a match then opening options can cause your game to become unresponsive.