"Beta due early next year"


Well summer begins next month June 21st.


Running out of time there blizzard.


They didn’t say it’s coming out in Spring though. They said they hoped to release it in Spring.


Ye hope. They have time until 21 june for end of spring and begining of summer.
So since they hoped for spring and no beta yet, is it rational to have beta at begining of summer ?


I would believe a late June release makes sense.

Vacation time and exams finished.

Less busy. More time for development. I believe they are currently still tinkering the assets and maps.

Or maybe they are preparing beta?

Who knows but whatever it is August cannot be beta time and July is unlikely unless first week.


Ye artists from outsourcing studio and blizz devs go to school and it stops them to publish beta hihihihihi lol man :slight_smile:


I meant the target audience.

A portion of it atleast.


I saw a video report from some guy that i follow on youtube about wow classic yesterday that Blizz flew some players and reporters at their HQ a couple of days ago to test the game and he said some players that were there went to test Reforged . The name of the guy is Tips Out - classic beta first impressions video. I hope he didnt make a mistake in the report he gave.


well, there’s videos about classic wow, but none about reforged so far from that event.


I am Spanish and yesterday a Spanish news website specializing in videogames uploaded a video to its YouTube channel titled “GAMEPLAY EXCLUSIVE WARCRAFT 3: REFORGED (PC) A CLASSIC of REMASTERIZED strategy”.

6 months ago they uploaded a video of the Reforged “WARCRAFT 3: REFORGED: GAMEPLAY and IMPRESSIONS of the Blizzcon in Spanish - A REMASTERED CLASSIC”

At the beginning of the video uploaded yesterday you can hear the following comment in Spanish:

“Tras haber vuelto a probar Warcraft III Reforged podemos volver a confirmar que estamos ante una prometedora remasterización de este clásico en tiempo real, por desgracia la demo a la que hemos tenido acceso ha sido la misma que se mostró durante la ultima Blizzcon”

Translating it into English:

“After playing Warcraft III Reforged again we can confirm again that we are facing a promising remaster of this classic in real time, unfortunately the demo we have had access has been the same as was shown during the last Blizzcon”

I do not know how much we can believe in this website but I want to believe that even though they played the last Blizzcon demo again we will have news soon…

Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qjYu6ELPjM


Yes, it is rational

But then again, it would also be rational for them to have an Internal beta and no public beta :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, the audience that plays Warcraft III are mostly 25+, so why would summer really matter to them(us) can you explain ?


Because the upgraded graphics and such are meant to draw in a younger crowd?


I don’t think so, people that will buy Reforged are mostly aged community of melee players\map makers and also they are the ones that will not leave the game in a month after playing the campaign


So reforged is on sale for $10 right now…WTH I shoulda waited I piad $39.99 :rage:


which country is that happening in?


75% off for an unreleased game highly doubt it


No its not 10$ those sites are scams