Banewoodbog LV Disabled

Greetings Denizens of Azeroth,

Since the patch yesterday, we’ve noticed that Banewoodbog LV is not a true melee map due to a change to the map that removed the melee ruleset. To alleviate the impact to the players, we are going to disable the map from the melee map pool until we resolve the issue.


Can’t we just leave it out and call it problem solved?

I’d like to have some more focus on urgent matters. Suchs as the return of joinbugs, or the malfunctioning MMR, or the high latency games. Or the pathfinding which apparently is set to RoC? What

You guys better pray you never get fired, because no one else is going to hire you after this fiasco. You still haven’t learned anything.


I would like to bump this. The pathfinding is severely obnoxious.
We also experience far more joinbugs/descyns than before the patch. It seems that 1 package loss instantly boots the player from a game.

This was not the case in TFT. Or RoC. Or any game since 1995.
Can this please be hotfixed? Like it should have 3 days after release : /

I know it is a bump to this post; but there is more evidence accrued on this corrupted pathfinding. Please have a look at this. It is a huge part of what made wc3 wc3, now it just increases blood pressure.