Balance Patch ideas

I developed some ideas about the current game balance. Would love to see some changes in the balance first, as currently the pro-scene is suffering from the same races winning everything, especially undead. And human - having the lowest winrate in all matchups and losing against everything. Would love to see some feedback from the regular users, too. Be ready for a long reading.


Patch principles: changes must not break the current game but improve it. These suggestions are fixing serious current problems without big changes. Latter can be implemented after the test patch, if it goes well. Slight meta changes are not completely ruled out by these suggestions.

Principle I:

Each race can notionally be exposed max. to 6 nerfs and 3 buffs.

Principle II:

Changes vary between 10-15%. If numbers changes overrun 10-15%, they get directly or indirectly compensated for.

Principle III:

1 patch allows only 1 tech tree change with 1 race.



Problematic match-ups:

1. Human-Undead
2. Orc-Night Elf
3. Orc-Human (slightly in favor of Orc)

Possible changes with the races:


1. Ghoul cost increased from 120 gold to 130 gold as they are now used in all match-ups and provide significant boost to creeping speed, which results then in defeating the opponent with fast level 3 and nuke spells aka coil or nova. Also, t3 ghouls with ghoul frenzy are too powerful for a unit, which costs 120 gold. Slight nerf must be necessary there. Ghouls are too cheap for being effective lumber harvesters, base defence and warriors at the same time.

2. Sacrificial skull cost increased to 75 gold from 50 as now the undead tend more to expand freely without being punished.

3. Nerubian tower attack slow duration decreased from 5 to 4 second, as it is really hard for other races to cancel undead expansion when the Nerubian tower is up.

4. It’d be great to make antimagic shield color different with different players (red, green, blue, etc.) to distinct different units.

5. Obsidian statue cost increased from 200 gold and 35 wood to 250 gold and 35 wood.

6. Disease cloud damage per second reduced from 2 points to 1.5 in order to: (a) boost use of human paladin rifle build and casters/mortars, (b) mitigate damage upon dryads in the undead-night elf matchup late game.

7. Dark ritual now converts 33/50/70% of hp into lich’s mana down from 33/66/99% (nerf of the lich superiority (i.e. infinite mana, especially in the synergy with the dark ranger’s skeleton minions) in all match-ups).

8. Fix “prioritize” button with gargoyles (which doesn’t work properly, as the toggle influences units partially - if some of them are already prioritizing, they get switched off, once a player selects additional gargoyles and toggles prioritize)


1. Spellbreaker armor reverted to 3 points from 2. Armor nerf was done before in order to lessen the use of spellbreakers in the mirror matchup, which made spellbreakers much worse in other matchups and didn’t change their use frequency in the human mirror.

2. Peasants hp increased from 230 to 240.

3. Control magic skill upgrade now requires T3 instead of T2 to reward transition to T3 and add up to the strat variety.

4. Priest dispel fix. Now priests dispel instantly (if possible).


1. Troll headhunter build time increased to 24 from 20 seconds. Gold cost increased to 150 from 140. Attack range reduced to 500 from 550 (slight revert nerf, as it previously was 450). 500 range would be mediate.

The range 550 returns after the berserker upgrade, which provides effective transition to the berserkers after the necessary upgrades.

2. Shaman and witch doctor natural mana regeneration increased to 0.85 (1.45) per sec. from 0.72 (1.36) as dispel and spells are problematic in the NE vs ORC match-up, especially after wisp detonation, as orc spellcasters have only natural mana regen. This buff can make this match-up a little bit more balanced and easier for orc.

Note: no casters in the game have only natural mana regen, except Orc’s. UD has obsidian statues, Elf - moonwells, Human - brilliance aura.

3. Farsight skill provides passive boost to intelligence: +3/6/9 at each level, which opens opportunity for the hero reskill.

4. Hex level 1 duration for units reduced to 12 seconds from 15, which seems too powerful against them, especially vs fiends and ghouls in the orc-ud matchup.

5. Shadow hunter healing wave healing delay removed. Now it heals first unit once the animation starts, instantly, without delay, which was often resulting in losing units and heroes.

6. Blademaster base agility reverted to 24 from 22 points as it was in the patches before 1.30. This is done in order to compensate for headhunters’ nerf and to add up on the build variety and make the matchup Orc vs NE a bit easier for orc.


1. -1 intelligence for the keeper, as the keeper of the grove shows too much power in the match up vs human (expo harass), orc (early entangle and expo harass) and ud (leaving no room for ud expo). To compensate for this nerf the hp of the keeper is increased by +50 on lvl 4 (+2 strength bonus).

2. Druid of the claw bear form melee damage reduced to 27 - 42 from 28 - 43. Starting mana of the druid of the claw reduced to 115 from 125.Small ability nerf which was overbuffed and allowed instant healing in the base.

3. Well spring upgrade mana bonus reduced from 125 to 100. This compensates with the upgrade cost reduction to 75 gold and 100 lumber from 75 gold and 150 lumber.

4. Warden’s avatar of vengeance hp decreased to 1000 from 1200. This is done in order to nerf the spell in the matchup vs human, as 1 warden with an avatar can destroy the whole human army.

5. Thorns aura reflected melee damage increased to 15/25/35% from 10/20/30%.

6. Mountain giant taunt cooldown reduced to 10 seconds from 14 seconds.

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1. Introduce the new thorns aura item, which reflects 12% of melee damage.
2. Crystal Ball additionally gives +2 intelligence and ultravision to its carrier.
3. Healing scrolls are removed from the UD shop to create more room for shop control.
4. Orc and human shops now have dust of reveal from the tier2.

EXPERIMENTAL IDEAS for next patches

1. Rings provide spell damage protection. Each protection point of the item provides a hero with 1% of spell damage protection. Ring +3 provides 3% of spell damage protection, +5 gives 5%, etc.

2. Revamp of the damage and protection type: heavy armor absorbs 150% from 200% of spell damage.

3. Devotion aura now gives additional spell damage protection to 15/25/35 friendly units near the hero with percentage of 10/17/25% magic spell damage reduction, which possibly can fix the hu ud matchup and add up variety to the hu-ud strategies. Also, this can be a slight counter to the late game ud nuke. Spell damage protection of the aura doesn’t work on heroes.

4. Paladin movement speed increased to 300 from 290 to boost viability of the hero.

5. Devotion aura item provides 7.5% of magic spell reduction to 10 friendly units nearby. Spell damage protection of the aura doesn’t work on heroes.

6. Paladin divine shield duration reduced to 10/17/25 seconds from 15/25/35 seconds.

P.S. I can’t create a post in the other forum sections, as the website says I don’t have the game, although I bought it in 2020.