At this point I think refunds should be possible?


As of right now you can’t get a refund since …

"Correct, with the Warcraft 3: Reforged Spoils of War Edition + Virtual Ticket bundle you immediately gain access to part of the content you’ve purchased, including the in-game goodies included with the Virtual Ticket.

The game itself, as mentioned on the shop, releases on or before December 31, 2019. But you’ll have access to some of the in-game rewards from the Spoils of War before the game itself launches:"

I rarely pre order so I guess shame on me. Still going to put a support ticket in since I am not confident that this game will be out by the end of the year. We have seen absolutely NOTHING which suggest that the game will be delayed in normal blizzard fashion.

Do you think we should be allowed refunds? Or at least for those of use who didn’t get the Stream bundle with it? I bought my virtual ticket separately but I did ride the mount once or twice in WoW (which I don’t play anymore). The virtual rewards have no variable costs associated with them.

If Blizzard provided updates (they have our money after all) then I probably would be more confident. But right now being mute (with bad PR) has me troubled.

Buyer beware.


Cancel preorder unless they show new ashenvale forest environment


You want a refund because you dont FEEL confident that the devs will release the game on time?



I actually hate to see everything from the game with spoilers when its not even realeased aka crash team racing for example.


hes right deep down we all actually prefer this marketing, marketing just spoils things


I don’t get why people are so upset. We haven’t heard anything from Doom Eternal either, and that was 9 months ago. And Reforged isn’t even a totally new game. Just calm your horses already. The beta will be here soon, just you wait.


At least Doom Eternal fans have new Stadia footage and the slayers club.


thats the risk with preorders. But as far as im aware blizzard is very generous with granting refunds. So go ahead and try, but dont whine if its not working. I’d rather have the game released next year properly polished than rushed. You cant have it both ways, fast release and stability. For software developement and especially video games (since they are usually very big projects), its super hard to estimate the needed time.


OMG I’m getting a Star Citizen deja vu


I didn’t even preorder and I want a refund


And that’s why I don’t pre-order stuff. As well as the fact that pre-ordering reforged would also get me some stuff that I don’t really want, like virtual Blizz con ticket.


What is a virtual blizzcon ticket?

Cant you watch it on Twitch?


Its what 30-40 bucks?

If you’re buying post release, check the reviews kids…

But back to this game here, What flipping risk?
You’re getting a damn decent game at a relatively generous price for a preorder.
Sure dibs imortal pissed everyone and their dogs off and the whole mass firing thing was not great and yes BLIZZARD is missing out on an opportunity by posting nothing newsworthy whatsoever with regards to this game BUT, are you really so sure that a company that’s been so successful for so long is really going to burn us on a glorified remaster?


Exactly! I’ve already gotten the info from Blizzcon I wanted, so not much of a point from the virtual ticket. Although now that I checked Remastered again, its price has gone down, and it no longer offers this ticket. But since I don’t know how much longer I need to wait for it to come out, I’ll just wait till it’s actually released :stuck_out_tongue:


that is good idea, i would definitely like to see reforged club where you can buy reforged mercs