As a classic owner I am not sure whether to buy reforged

It feels like I’d be paying 30 euros (basically an entirely new game) just for updated graphics and hero skins. Correct me if there’s anything else I’d gain. As for hero skins I do enjoy the new female DK skin, but I heard there will be other types of skins, transgender skins etc, perhaps this is incorrect information but I personally would like to not have these enabled. But it seems Blizzard is choosing to not allow disabling of hero skins, is this true?

I can’t justify buying reforged for 30 euros if it’s just graphics and it forces upon me hero skins I don’t want for either visual reasons or other. I think the graphics look very nice on some units and in other instances not so much but I don’t doubt Blizzard will fix that but as of now I don’t see any reason to pay for it. The remastering of the campaign is apparently not going to change that much either so I’m really struggling with why anyone who owns classic should pay this much just for visuals alone.


From what we’ve seen up to this point it’s mostly just upgraded models and skins. Personally I got a refund but if you want to pay 30 euros for new skins go ahead. So far there hasn’t been any confirmation that you’ll be able to choose skins.


I still did not buy or preorder Reforged, because the only benefit I see from it is (hopefully) a new customizable UI or in-game HuD, and I am waiting to see the full game before I decide if I care about the new graphics, which currently Im not so sure about.

With the recent announcements, scrapped ideas, time constraints, all the obvious incoming DLC skins, and the very unpolished Undead, all has me worried. What will it be like playing the Classic version of the game, after Reforged releases? I’m also really upset Blizzard wont be merging the servers for ladder :frowning: If it doesn’t happen now, it probably never will.

One thing they really need to add is an option to search multiple gametypes. It would be so nice if I could search 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3, all at the same time and just have it pick a gamemode at random for me. Could possibly help revive 3v3!


For one you get brand new fancy modern Network infrastructure for multiplayer

I just joined the beta yesterday and I can tell you that it’s basically the same exact game, with better graphics.

It won’t. There’s a menu named “Collection” where you can chose the models you like; just not implemented yet. If you’ve played SC2 you understand how it works.

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Well that is basically free, it is done for new reforged wc3 players not classic ones. Most classic players dislike the new UI, reduced chat box, inability for multiple accounts etc. There’s some positivity there but also negativity in this change.

Do you really know that? I think it’s more logical for them to just have your unlocked skins there, spoils of war edition, microtransaction ones etc. Don’t think it will be all the hero skins in the game that you can pick and choose. I heard on grubbys stream they don’t want to disable showing of skins, do you have information to say otherwise?

I personally don’t want any fundamental changes and feel they’ve made too many as it is, so I ended up getting a refund. I guess that makes me a “purist”.

The underpinnings of this game were/are still 18 years old; it wasn’t the right platform to try and make this snazzy new retelling of WC3 on. They should’ve just stuck to a remaster and charged less money for it. Now I feel neither camp is happy. The people who wanted changes feel snubbed, and the “purists”, as they’re somewhat mockingly referred to around here, feel there are too many changes to bother with.

Edit: And when I say “changes”, I’m referring to things that don’t pertain to what would just be a cosmetic remastering of the original.

I would buy it because
a you support a masterpiece which is over 15 years old and still great and
b you can choose which skins you want to use.