Arthas model? Why?


But I did.

I tried to keep the stubble in mind since that seems to be something people are focusing on.


Ok fine then. Got faith in Eternal.
Naga make pictures aligned
Thats it. Petes honesty broke me apart totaly, but still highly appreceate not being hypocrat aka predending everything is super nice rofl.
Good, we officialy now know whats the problem?
Would you deny it King xD?Be bigger Pete than himself rofl ?


Hey, that should go into the LGBT thread! gachiHOP


In my language when you say “broke me apart” saying it nasty could produce sexual meaning rofl.


I’m trying to puzzle this one out, as off-topic as it is. Is it in regards to this stuff?


More like this, try to read maybe?


Ye an effect that not fixing arranged teams produced and delayed progress and the way he was honest and way he typed message.


More like I was quoting the most direct thing that included/touched upon the arranged team issue maybe?


Read your original post, you asked Kantarion (in a rude way) why he said this thing in the post and I showed you the real thing that Pete says: We failed sorry


Oh goodness, get real dog. I was just citing that the patch discussion stuff is off-topic (read the title of the thread we’re in). But asked Kantarion anyways just so I was sure of what he was talking about after scrolling through the 1.31.0 thread myself.


now that's what i call smexy


Dog? Nice that I’ll use that flagging feature


God damn it, voices in my head again. Unicorn guys , isnt that false pony prophet dead.
14 july . Damn it,i recieved this date,unicorn broke my expectations for 28 june
Btw i may back to “zalandari” (i wont say race word so not being flagged and stuff)
Have fun guys


Community needs more people like you, do not leave man


Go for it? I guess if you’re confused by the implication behind it, maybe I should’ve spelled it the full slang D-A-W-G way. Or just said ‘homie’ or ‘bro’ instead. I’m sorry my word choice hurt you.

While we’re still off-topic:
Genuinely, the citation of 1.31 being the last patch for Reforged and that they’re going to get AT up and running alongside the release is an interesting note Pete made. It does make me think about an ambiguous summer release here.


You can add LGBT colors to that flag girl. You surely have windows paint,its easy to REFORGED IT USING REFORGED ARTHAS FACE WAY ROFL!


don't provoke me


it was a joke,that hammer looks like flag cause of 2d projection. And i didnt attend to harm you.


Get A real dog.*

Shouldn’t it have been either “we’re” or “are”? I guess, were is fine, too.

Nah. Why can’t they release 1.32 without AT? And then 1.33, 1.34. And then 2.0 with AT?


and it was also a joke.

but your wish is still granted because i have nothing else to do: