Arthas model? Why?


sound about right.


Great, you have joined our side too atlast <3


i don’t want to be on anyone’s side because i know that nobody likes my version of arthas anyway.
(but i still gotta say that omelette can be quite annoying sometimes…)


Off topic none of you talking about how Stilwell was online 1hr ago?

Patch incoming he posted something 30 mins aswell.

He has finally been online May 15 and finally posted since April 24th.


Thoughts on tht?


Ye he logined.
But i dont see his new post erm?
Lets hope official patch today or friday?

Still prepare for poll tomorrow mkay?


Patch released 1.31.0 Patch Notes


How did you see it in list ?
Its unlisted wtf,only ptr


This is patch 1.31 that we got 1 month ago…


Someone posted it on Discord, I checked servers they did not update yet probably tonight it will happen

This is the live patch not PTR, but it is hidden for now probably it will be up in hours


God damn leave Pete alone, stop stalking da man you hives, he cant stand being too much famous, all that glory,paparazzi , kingomelettes fan-boys


Maybe send Discord links for us?


HiveWorkshop’s discord


I’m good, you guys do you. My chop shop job in Photoshop was just for funsies and the most minor of tweaks. What I’d do with Reforged Arthas is so small that there’s no harm done to me - personally - in the unlikely scenario that Blizzard sees my one image and goes “make it happen” or it completely slips under any employees radar.

yeah down with that guy

Looking again at the Reforged model, it’d be interesting if his first-wielding-Frostmourne model dropped his libram too. Stripped off the lion-and-Lordaeron bracers. Maybe ditched the lion buckle on his belt.

Also damn Thrall be handsome in those Warcraft 3 cinematics. Shame he got hitched in World of Warcraft, was hoping he’d stay single for me.


I am banned from there. can you send me invite, i promise i wont troll anymore.

I will be completly honest now : Pete was honest in post , they have problems. This make me sad, i respect him being honest and not hypocrat.
For god sake blizz grant this man some help ffs.


Is Hive discord not WarCraft United discord?


God damn it, can you just answer with will you make pictures or not
Answer with yes or no
And stop being a philosopher


? What post do you mean where he said they have problems?


1.31.0 Patch Notes here and also lol looks like all the reason that got our ‘beta’ and patch delayed was Arranged Teamers :smiley:


But I did.

I tried to keep the stubble in mind since that seems to be something people are focusing on.


Ok fine then. Got faith in Eternal.
Naga make pictures aligned
Thats it. Petes honesty broke me apart totaly, but still highly appreceate not being hypocrat aka predending everything is super nice rofl.
Good, we officialy now know whats the problem?
Would you deny it King xD?Be bigger Pete than himself rofl ?