Are they even going to make a statement?

I think the complains are raising, and they’re massive by now. Forums on reddit, youtube, in-game chat and here are full of complains.

Is Blizzard ever going to make a statement about the issues? are they even considering it?
Apparently IGN posted the video on their website of the 2018 cutscene and the actual released. The IGN forum is getting responses of dissapointed players.
Also metacritic posted the Users Score and its a 1.9 out of 10. Almost 1k users scored it. Go check it out.
Still no statement so far.
Kotaku, Screenrant and IGN are already exposing the failure of Blizzard with Reforged. Metacritic user’s score is 1.4, worse than Fallout 76, which was a remarkable failure of a game from a big company.
Blizzard should deliver what they promised to us, customers. Don’t remain silent and let’s demand what we paid for.
40 bucks for a reskin of nice (but not as it was offered) graphics is outrageous.


Why should they ? They reforged their wallet with a game which shouldnt cost more than 10 bucks


Probably, but they’re slow when it comes to this.


You say “the issue” and “considering it”. Did you mean that or did you mean issues/them plural?

If not, are you going to reveal the issue here?

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My mistake. I added the “s”.

I meant issues; all the issues found in the game and the complains of the customers.

Why would they bother with this Trash community?

Complete waste of time at this point.


Why would they? The most they’ll say is they’re working on patches to enhance the game.

Ah ok!

Well, my guess is nothing more than what they put in the two Known Issues lists. Historically, especially at the end, they were completely mute on the forums. They were never really into communication.

At least that’s an answer and possible solution to the matter. People are asking for refunding and the reputation of the company is declining with it.

They got their money. I’m willing to bet anything that the most work this game will see done in future patches is just making it more stable. Or having some minor balance tweaks with unit stats or build costs.

Anything that actually involves the cutscenes, voice actors, or new ‘remastered’ (not reskinned) content… aka stuff people actually want… heh just forget about it.


Just refund the game and maybe they’ll respond with yet another store mount to WoW.


Even when a company puts out an amazing game people still say they’re refunding. Threats like those have been around long before forums became a thing.

As for reputation what exactly is declining? Despite all the “presumed majority” hate people claim they still sell millions in their games and that isn’t counting micro payments. Similar to EA it’s just internet rage while their sales widely say otherwise.

Dude I defended Blizz I thought they would at least do their best to please us. They really threw their customers under the bus.

I was super hyped for reforged, and looked for any positivity I could, but reforged is not worth the money for what we got.

2 years and this is all they could do? They didn’t even make the models. So what the hell have they been doing? Clearly not writing a new story, new music, getting actors and actresses, new UI creators. The best things in game the models were not made by Blizzard. I don’t think they did anything in the two years except cut content.

And that is unacceptable, I really hope the hate and coverage from the internet causes a battlefront 2 to happen to reforged.

I want their stocks to drop so hard that they decide to take a year and recreate the content they removed from the game as a free update.


After the matter of the hearthstone pro-player being banned and the raising protests against that decision, I think there’s a certain truth about their reputation being stained.

Besides, we would need to see the income balances to state in a factual manner that they’re not being hurt by all these mistakes.


They just outsourced this to some small company and never planned on giving much of a sh!t about it to begin with



People literally forgot about hong kong the moment they announced D4 and OW2. That whole thing was the definition of a fake outrage. I don’t even see that posted anywhere anymore.


I have to agree with you. I was also expecting something big after all that advertising and time developing it. I could forgive a small indie videogame company, but blizzard? They’re a multi-billion videogame company with tons of experience of past games.
Even Wings of Liberty was a success! This is a shame of a launch, considering they charged the cost of a whole new game and not just an extra graphics pack.


I doubt it. What could they even say at this point that wouldn’t make things worse?

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I just found a whole article in gaming news that linked that matter to this one. I would post it here but this won’t let me post any links; i think only authorized sites.

If they were smart they would announce that they have decided to create a free game pack (update) for the full reforged experience, which will include a new UI, the new cutscenes and optional voice overs, which will release 2020 December.

But who am I kidding?

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