Are the graphics going to be fixed?

I’m glad to see that more people are realizing how bad the graphics are and how bad they play out. And no I dont care about your opinion, it’s not subjective, if you are using the “reforged” graphics, you are putting yourself at a significant disadvantage.

So what are the chances that these 2020 graphics are going to get fixed?


Chances -----> 0.

They can’t fix the menu and you want them to fix the graphics?


Better graphics: Tutorial: Graphics Improvement for Reforged

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It is subjective, despite what you may claim. The reforged graphics are fine and work perfectly well for those that prefer them. There is no inate advantage or disadvantage for using either mode.

Obviously each person will have their preference (I prefer the reforged graphics) and that’s fine. Currently there really isn’t anything to ‘fix’ save for perhaps the environment graphics which could use a bit more refinement.


A remaster of Wc3 (regardless of its fancy name)


1 - Be faithful to the original game.
2 - Be faithful to the Warcraft IP.
3 - Be faithful and suit in an RTS game.

Reforged is like:

1 - Not faithful to the original game.
2 - Opposite of warcraft IP, aka its realistic high detailed, compared to stylish cartoony.
3 - Not suited for an RTS game.

Conclusion, the visual upgrade over warcraft 3 with the project of Reforgeds was at best mind numbingly average, and at worst, complete betrayal.

It is what i like to call, making a Mario game but putting realistic detailed models from The Last of US, or Uncharted in Mario, and have those models cos play and dress in Mario cloths.

:point_up_2: You get Reforged.


If they don’t fix it, the game is as good as dead. Old fans hate it, and new fans mock it. So many models look so bad it’s so disheartening. I can’t wait till dreamhack where Reforged gets laughed out the building


Id buy it.

But the graphics in a similar way as they exist now have been shown on BlizzCon '18 already… So if you didn’t like it you knew this before… I think it is a matter of taste… It is a new experience for my eyes and I am not 100% convinced either, but you have the capability of playing with the old graphics as well…

Art is subjective, and I can actually recognize things better with the new graphics.
mostly because WC3 graphics are not hard-baked in my head. I don’t expect some one who played WC3 for 10+ years will just switch to different graphics (unless it was an HD render of the same style).

the chanced of the models changing is 0%. Rendering style, who knows.


Not how opinions work lol

And no, the graphics were the primary expense of Reforged. I’ll eat my sock if there is any significant redesign (bug fixes and optimization not applicable)


It doesn’t remove the filthy aura around heroes in cutscenes

As mentioned in another thread:

Blizzard how is it possible that the maps/environment on the pre-alpha version of the game looks a lot more stunning, than the final realise version of the game??
The art work on the units looks amazing! but dosen’t fit at all with the graphic look of the maps/environment.
The currently game graphics looks more ore less like the old. But the game badly needs the remastered maps shown at the 2018 blizzcon demo, terrain, lightning, shadows ect.

Not at any point was it mentioned form U not to be a part of the game.

This is a urgent probleme! the reforged graphics are less playable than the old classic graphics, the units don’t clearly detach them selves from the background.
If you are using the “reforged” graphics, you are putting yourself at a significant disadvantage.

It seems virtually none pro players, uses the reforged graphics, not even grubby as a front figure for the game.

This is a issue Blizzard needs to take action on!
Its a shame as the graphics is the key feature of the game, and taken into consideration the work put in to the unit models, its a half done task on the grapich side , when the maps and enviroment isn 't touched.
I realy hope Blizzard will improves/deliver on this, so Warcraft Reforged can be as amazing as it deserves.

Sorry for typing errors English is not my main language.


The art and graphics style from 2018 and now are friggin identical. Other then the UX change the actual graphics are the same textures in 2018 as they are now . Also Art is subjective. Secondly who cares what some twitch streamer thinks .

Pros just want the game as it was 18 years ago that’s it . You have that its called ptr client . Lastly I can pretty much bet my savings account that I’m sure this grubby person opinion changes when the wind changes or it doesnt become cool to hate anymore. That’s how twitch works it generates views and subs

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Art is subjective, but good art and bad art exist. there is no denial of that.
That’s why you can’t say a 6 yo kids painting compares to a skilled artist.

What you say can be applied if the were just making Wc4 aka a new game.

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I see some people are still in denial about the graphics. To those people, please look at this photo.


As you can clearly see, both pics have all the same units, but classic is far easier to distinguish each unit. I have played over 150 multiplayer games in refordged graphics and fights are still an absolute mess.

Again, it’s not about how pretty the models look when you zoom in on them, it’s about how the game plays out. The new graphics play out terribly and if you choose to use them you are making things much harder on yourself.


It IS subjective.

Current graphics are better than Blizzcon. Blizzcon build was unreadable and messy. Too detailed.

I gave this feedback during the Blizzcon Survey.

Are you replying to me? Did I once even mention Blizcon 2018 graphics? I am comparing current to classic graphics. Did you even click my link? Why do I feel like in talking to a brick wall?


These are kind of contradictory due to WoW changing Warcraft so much…

Check out World of Warcraft cinematics as well as the Warcraft heroes in Heroes of the Storm. Warcraft is meant to be quite realistic just when WoW was created there was no hardware powerful enough to do such graphics in real time, let alone be affordable enough for the average player to own.

Instead Mario Odyssey just put traditional Mario into realistic detailed worlds.

Convince me that the look of the terain/maps isent superior vs the present old look, witch dosen’t fit at all whit the new unit models:

Light, shadows ect. of the terain definitely make the units stand out.


I feel like ive literally wasted my money buying Reforged. I desync and lag so much I just ended up playing on classic.