Any chance of a new Race? Maybe Chaos Orcs

I find the story to be great and very interwoven quite well (beyond the disaster that was warlords of dreanor, even I can’t defend that mess), the only thing I hate about retail is the azorite system, and the nonstop bootlicking as you being the “champion”.


I hate the player character becoming essentially a lore character. I think it’s a bad thing for an MMO. I wish they had made a WC4 after Wrath to further the main story with the lore characters, and create a new villain you could get attached to. People liked Arthas and Illidan (even though Illidan was AFK all of BC) because you played as them in WC3, you got to see their stories unfold yourself, not hear about it from some random NPCs.

For clarification I don’t despise the lore since Wrath, I just think it’s much worse and it feels like they are lacking focus.

Could you imagine a Scourge campaign with Bolvar Lich king? Where you would be an ally in fighting the Legion (canonically the Scourge was defending Northrend from the Legion invasion even if you didn’t see it in-game), but at the same time also doing shady stuff. Or maybe a Twilight campaign to introduce the Old Gods and their minions from a much better standpoint than just a loot pinata. I was hyped to fight people like Arthas and and Illidan, I didn’t really care about Cho’gall and Deathwing, despite both of them being major lore characters.

Please no new race. This isn’t Dawn of War…

Don’t underestimate the power of money, it’s the most powerful thing on this planet. All wc3 needs for blizzard to make dlcs or wc4 is for a lot of people to buy it.