Any chance of a new Race? Maybe Chaos Orcs

I loved the new models for the Fel/Chaos Orcs and there are models enough (buildings, heroes and units) for a new race.

Can it happen?

Suggestion for heroes: Hellscream, Guldan, Magtheridon and Kilrogg


I don’t know for sure. Blizzard would not only have to balance, and create new assets for these added races. Blizzard would also have to keep the old game compatible with the new reforged version by adding the race to the old content and I honestly have no clue how that will go over.

Your best bet would be for blizzard to make a corrupted fel horde skin option for the already existing orcs, for non-tournament pvp games.


I’m sorry but if they are gonna have a 5th race and ruin balance it better be something unique and different.

No chance in hell.

They’d have to add that race to Classic as well.


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Please do create maps with your ideas so people can review and critique them.
I know we’ve all been hammering on you to do this for a while, rather than spam the forums, but maybe now you’ll take us seriously.
Make it, test it, revise it, test it and then ask these forums to review your ideas in a map for perhaps some fun custom games.

MrDragon. Except I cannot create maps because I don’t have the skills to do it. But Blizzard don’t want new races anyways, so I won’t say anymore…

(But probably there is the “ultimate” Warcraft III out there with multiple Ladder races, but let’s just say it is not on this Earth but somewhere elsewhere. Those who knows me here on the forum probably understands what I am trying to say without saying it…)

Actually there’s some overhaul mods and large map projects that have fully playable demon and naga factions.
I can’t be bothered to list them but I know there’s at least one full overhaul mod.

I don’t understand you people. What is so fun about playing same crap for so many years, you guys just keep playing w3 classic. The rest of us want new stuff like new races and new units.


And I’ll gladly play you with a new faction on a new ladder with a new expansion.
But Reforged isn’t an expansion, it’s an upgrade.
We can’t expect blizzard to drop a nuke on the TFT ladder and shoehorn in an 11th hour new faction to play without, at bare minimum, a year of careful balance testing and design.

I don’t blame you. But clearly Blizzard don’t want them. I already quoted a gamemaster’s support ticket about this. Much love to you and to others here who wanted the new races. But try to be like me, and you’ll up getting temporarily banned like I was about it…

I thought that I was never going to “get over” feeling bad about the new races not being officially playable, but after some other people like you who have commented on wanted what I did wanted, I feel better, so thanks for the sympathetic comments. I can finally move on with my life at least…

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As much as I don’t see eye-to-eye with your ideas Momoirocrose, I will say I too wish there were more factions to play.

But that should be reserved for a new expansion to WC3, not the Reforged version which will seek to maintain the TFT ladder.


If blizzard don’t want money that’s their choice, but after the China incident I’d say they do want money and the only way to make blizzard know we want new races is to ask somewhere or it will never happen.


Why not them let finish this uprage first for base units, then later ask them to make another expansion maybe? I dont think they can make everything in just couple of months.

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Yes, that’s exactly what I want. I think most people know that too, we’re basically just asking for future dlc in forms of races and/or units.


I mean I would rather them just make a Warcraft4 if I want to play a whole new game.


Best you can hope for is a skin set.

We will NEVER get another race for Warcraft 3. Sorry to be so blunt.

Be careful what you wish for. With how they have handled WoW, I think WC4 would be a disaster. Maybe if they make a “Reforged Expansion” or such where only people who had it could play with others who had it, much like the TFT and RoC relationship. I could see them adding new things then, but I really don’t want another campaign until they get better writers.

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I love retail wow and classic wow, I play literally every single blizzad game(I played diablo just for the story) and enjoy them all, I am quite sure my wish would turn out to be a good one given the odds.

I think retail’s plot has really taken a dip since Metzen left (yeah yeah people bashed him for Thrall focus, bu the story on the grand scale of things much better imo). Classic didn’t really have a plot, it was just as the name of the game implied. It was basically “You know that world the Warcraft series takes place in? Here, fool around in it!”, classic focused mainly on sub-plots (Scarlet Crusade, Defias Brotherhood, etc.)