Any chance for co-op campaign?

That’s what I was referring to. I’d like an officially supported one though, so we dont have to deal with custom lobbies for a campaign and save codes.


You mean Coop-Missions or?

My vote for Co-op. Even if it is unbalanced, it will still be fun.


Co-op commanders, whatever you call em. The Heros and Subfactions PVE mode.

They could retool maps like Hyjal and Culling into mini missions, just like what SC2 did with the Left 2 Die map.


I’d like co-op missions and the campaign playable in co-op.

I think the campaign in co-op might get old, but the replay-ability of the co-op missions are more… theres more variance.

Anything would be welcome but a lad can dream.

Would be a great addition. :+1:

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Looking for coop, hope they will add it :pray:

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The fantastic people down at the Hive Workshop created an Archon mode for all the campaign in WC3 RoC and FT. Which definitely make this coop idea possible, I doubt it will happen this early on, but a great idea it would be. Like for Human campaign, one could have control of Arthas captain of the gard or something of the sort. But honestly, I am fine with or without it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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+1 for co-op campaigns!

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Not against your idea, Warcraft could profit from same business system as Starcraftu 2, but coop compaign could be included in day 1, or at least some of the early patches free imo.

I would love a Co-op campaign.

I think it would be a good addition

Is the suggestion that it is a forced co-op campaign or optional co-op campaign?

This question was already asked, short answer is no… Initial release will not include Co op… Something they could consider in future patches however… Right now they are focusing on delivering the base game and the expansion as it was.

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I would love to play the campaing in coop

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wouldn’t surprise me, co-op mode is pretty popular in sc2

As long as it does not take away from the single player part im cool.

I myself hate coop cause I just want to take my time and I have no friends so it would be completely useles to me

Sorry for bad english


that would be so cool!

co-op would be fun but, they should at least have 8 commanders from the beginning, 2 for each race. arthas should have 2 loadouts: one human and one undead and be number 9. humans should have jaina and muradin, orcs should have thrall and grom, night elves should have tyrande and malfurion while undead should have sylvanas and kel`thusad.

Thrall and Grom? Not sure how they’d split units and tech.

My line-ups would look like this:
Jaina, relatively basic human setup but some of her unique tech includes (Warcraft 1 style) Conjurers and (Warcraft 2 style) Mages.
Perhaps some arcane constructs and elementals to fill in the gaps left by removing elf and dwarf units from the roster.

Muradin gets a dwarven replacement for footmen and a strong emphasis on workshop style units.

Keal’thas gets a Blood Elf army similar to his campaign offerings but slightly expanded and diversified.

Thrall gets a very traditional orc focused army with grunts and (Warcraft 1 style) spear throwers. Earth and Air elementals help shore up the gaps in his roster.

Vol’jin gets access to a very troll leaning unit line with dire trolls and raptors.

Cairne needs a lot of work and likely would fit into a later patch to give him a solid tech tree.

KT obviously gets a very cult of the damned flavour lineup with quick access to necromancers and raise dead.

Arthas has a more traditional undead army.

Varimathras possibly as a later patch undead commander with some extra legion units mixed in.

Malf gets a druid themed lineup. Heavy emphasis on ancient of lore and winds units.

Tyrande rocks a sentinel army with more traditional elven troops along with moon acolyte caster units.

Possibly add Remulos for a stronger emphasis on ancients, treants, faerie dragons and mountain giants.

As a wildcard you could add Vashj down the line with Nagas, along with Tichondrius as a legion commander.
Xavius could make for a corrupted ancient and satyrs commander as can be seen in one of the middle levels of the NE campaign.

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