And Again a MMR and Pairing topic!

the highest MMR from team 1 is lower then the lowest from Team 2.
Total MMR = (team 1) 14.000 vs 20.000 (team 2)
No one is AT here. Just 8x RT players. I removed player names, and hope game forum leaders will not remove my post!
So the picture about a Fair Pairing:     

Thanks Blizzard keep up the good pairing job!

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why do you say they are not at? sure they at, different mmr doesn’t mean anything.

different MMR means everything. If you win games it goes up and if you lose games it goes down, so at the minimum it means this guy won more games than that guy.

The problem is the matching system currently favors putting the people with better records on one side and worse on the other. This routinely leads to lopsided matches. So yeah, it doesn’t mean nothing.

Why not Blizzard check my post and open a Trouble Ticket for that issue?

Because it’s not so much a bug as just terrible design

This game has the worst matchmaking I ever saw.

its hard to argue with that statement

Today 4.12.2023: I saw a player with around 7200 MMR paired with 2x 5000+ and one 3000+.
Versus enemy team, all 4x like 3000+. So totally 20K vs 12K, pretty nice pairing, right?

And now another game from today 5.12.2023:

Update on 11 Jan 2024
How can we get rid of RT vs AT, game after game same enemy AT team?

The worse is that I am playing against them all day, and they curse (Cr. and Da. players especially) talk obscene language against our mom’s so other random colleagues leave.
They also hit 3 on 1, the forth one feed + curses, so everything is planned on their side!

Also if you check MMR’s this pairing is totally not fair!!! Thanks Blizzard for this Very bad experience!!!