Amd question

They have to release that driver in time i hope… While you are right about 60 fps, problem is that i can not even use my browser at 60hz, the difference between 60 and 144 is too big for me to swallow, and the thing i hate mostly, input lag…
I noticed sometimes when i get minor freeze for like 0.3 seconds my fps did not dropped, so there is for sure some game problems.

i want reforged to run between 100 and 140 fps to take advantage of my 144hz adaptive sync screen. most ppl with high refresh rate monitors will agree that running the game around 60 or even below 100 fps is not an option.

thats my regular experience with reforged even on 1on1 matchmaking, no matter the quality details or resolution:

the video doesnt stutter - its an 1:1 representation of what happens in the game - and it even gets worse in later stages of the game with more assets to load.

its clearly a software problem, it appears the assets are being loaded “on the fly” and are not being precached. but still, its really slow considering the game sits on a high performance nvme drive.


i dont think the new drivers make any difference in this. its like this since the beta came out. its a game problem, not a driver problem.

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Sounds like most people with them are spoilt then… Being slightly older I grew up with 50 FPS console games in Europe. I still play at 60 FPS although when I next upgrade my screen I will look into higher refresh rate options.

Greater than 60 FPS is a luxury for RTS and MOBA games. It gives no competitive advantage but is nice to have when possible. What is important is frame time consistency which appears to be a major issue at the moment.

Some of the frame stalls could be due to network lag. Specifically the client has to pause the game and wait for any other players that fall behind and during that time it can cause frame freezes and other symptoms that mirror low performance. Just because your connection with the server is good does not mean that the players you are with have good connections. If their connection is bad enough, the waiting for player dialog should eventually show up.

Some assets are preloaded. Most are loaded on the fly like HotS and SC2. Loading assets should not be a problem if on an NVMe drive as the I/O system is the same as all other modern Blizzard games.

For reference, my hacky Java CASC library I wrote can load assets at a rate of over 2GB/sec on an AMD Ryzen 9 3900X. It is likely that an optimized native implementation could easily obtain 6-8 GB/sec or more, entirely limited by the I/O bandwidth of the PCIe NVMe drive.

The panning the camera around performance is as to be expected from Warcraft III. It has always dropped frames when doing this, possibly due to the generation of the 4x4 chunks of terrain and loading of models. It just was made worse by the higher quality assets and likely requires some optimization. I also am sure this is where optimization will help by release to make the stalls less noticeable.

It is also possible that the preload lists are not yet finished. StarCraft II maps use these to cache assets in advance to reduce such stalls. If any exist in Warcraft III, they might still be referencing classic assets so not working effectively.

New drivers will likely not help until Reforged (patch 1.32) is released. In theory they still need to support optimizing 1.31 since that is the official release version of Warcraft III at the moment.

I also have perfomance issues with ryzen5 2600 and RX580.
Found out that FPS drops when smth unloaded yet happens in the game (building smth you havent build in this game before / for the first time, etc).
Also HUGE framedrops when you try click on minimap fog of war in different places frequently.
SD works fine tho ^

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Exactly the same problem!
I still have some random drops while moving fighting but i can swallow that till release!

@Duskstalker The game works pretty much similar like mine… I think it is just matter of time when will blizz focus to optimize for amd.

i, too, grew up with pal games. but going from 60hz to 144hz with adaptive sync was the biggest jump in display quality for me, like ever. theres no going back - not even for work.

im so used to the fluidity of high refresh rate displays i even spot the difference between unsynced 144hz and synced 140 hz when playing league of legends.
spoil urself, its worth it, at least if you’re sensitive to smooth motion or the lack of.
for me its as huge as the step from 720p to 4k.

now regarding the stuttering. the game in the clip was a botgame, and my internet connection is pretty stable (stable ping). ive not yet had a stutter free game with reforged graphics enabled ever. the stalls are 95% connected to asset calls like navigating the map or building stuff.

the classic graphics, however, run ridiculously well in reforged. i get 320 to 500 fps on TM, no matter how hard i shake or click the map. it never dips below 320 fps.

how do you get these fps down below 10 or flat out screen freezes for half a second on my machine with just some higher res textures and higher poly models, except for something is being seriously broken or a clogged up pipeline.


Haha you are 100% right about hz, i used to play as kid sony 1 than sony 2 and i bought my first 144hz monitor last year, literally 0 regrets, every cent is worth,
few days ago i went to friend place and i sit on his pc to show him something on youtube and i was like dude is this toaster or what :"D

Classic graphic runs smooth as expected, i mean almost every pc can run that at 200fps + this days :"D

1 question for you Dusk, do you notice when units are moving, their moving animation is locked at 30hz, when you zoom it you will know what i mean, i really hope Blizz will uncap that.

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yea, we discussed this, and im currently investigating whether this has always been the case or whether it was introduced with reforged.

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Ohh sorry, i did not noticed :"D I think in classic it is not noticeable like in reforged.
But i think there is same cap since game is too old, i might be wrong tho.

i dug up wc3 1.20 and its the same in this version.

it might be possible tho the game skips frames to speed animations up for gamespeed “fast”, as slow or normal might be the base speed the animations are supposed to be played with. ive not confirmed this yet, but based on my observations it might be possible.

Oh i did not thought about that… But it make sense… I mean that slow/normal/fast is really outdated and dumb so i think they should just leave it at fast and focus to give us fluent game and not choppy like now, no matter if they optimize game well, it will be pain with those animations…

i know this isn’t much help but blizzard already said they are aware of slow performance on AMD cards. i think the best you can do is write a bug report.

I am sure they will fix it in some time, i just wanted to be sure if new gpu drivers could help me a little but it seems that is not a case :stuck_out_tongue:

check that thread:

its the animation playback thread with some footage and analysis i just made.

Totally agree with you with that u said. Same for me, in world editor it is kinda smooth, but i am fine with those animations while in place, the important part is when you move is choppy af they gotta fix it but i highly doubt it haha.

I already answered this. AI have known stutter problems. It is an AI bug caused by them thinking at times.

YouTube only runs at 60 Hz at best for most content. Some is only 30 Hz.

its the same for me in any map in any game mode. the ai doesnt have anything to do with the stuttering caused by clicking on the map or placing buildings.

You are 100% correct but my point was not about youtube video, it was how it is messy to browse on internet, opening folders or doing whatever on pc with locked 60hz.

I do not seem to have a problem doing this. Although I do admit I would likely lose the cursor less often at a higher frame rate, but that seldom happens anyway. I used 75+ Hz monitors back in the early 2000s. Was hardly game changing.

The most game changing part of the displays is likely the low pixel response times. Having less ghosting alone is probably a huge improvement over the average cheap 60 Hz panel.

Free Sync/Gsync also reduces latency by a considerable percentage. Another huge improvement independent of high refresh rates.

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I noticed but when there is a lot of “green terrain” I always stutter every 3 seconds. I run 3600X (CPU) and 5700 XT (GPU - comparable to 2070S). My friend with different CPU but same GPU has the same problem. Everything updated (drivers, software etc.).