Affects SD campaign: naga buildings are visually broken

Naga building models make use of texture animations for water, which is broken in 1.33 SD at this time. I will attach 1.32 and 1.33 examples of Tidal Guardian for comparison.

Note that this also affects the 1.32 model when rendered in 1.33.
This issue could indicate texture animations or some other part of the model handing code is no longer correct for these cases.


Still active in 19089

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Second it, still broken

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This is still broken after release (presently at 19248 PTR as well), and as the regular bug forums are over-encumbered, I’ll keep this post updated instead. And removing the ability to report PTR bugs now that 1.33 is released doesn’t really work the best - 1.33 Retail will include a mass of bug reports about the ladder, but that means core bugs will get pushed away.

@Kaivax I do not envy that it seems to fall exclusively on you to interact with this community, and thus apologize for the ping if it even worked, but it would be majorly beneficial to the look of namely the expansion NE campaigns, as well as many custom maps, that this model-parsing issue gets fixed.

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