Add dragons back to 4v4 RT map pool


Any map with a Dragon Roost would be nice, preferably one with 2.

Dragon Falls, Full Scale Assault, Last Man Standing, or just take some of the other maps and add a dragon roost to them. Its pretty silly this building isn’t getting used whatsoever.

Its not like the current map pool has any balance. There’s a map with no taverns, a map where nobody can reasonably expand, a map with so many expansions every game is either instantly rush or protocol for days, a map where human can militia rush at 0 seconds into the game on corner spawns, a map so large it takes 2 minutes to cross it with units and every rally point path has to navigate past 10 creep camps- and a map where each gold mine has 50,000 gold and you can hold out with towers and anti-siege for 4 hours (I would know, I’ve done it)

Classic games team: You can just add basically every 8+ player map to the pool, get it up to 17+ maps and give everyone 2 thumbs down. Take maps off Hive workshop, add every map, it doesn’t matter, its 4v4, the more variety the better.


I like dragons.

I would like to see maps where I can recruit dragons. +1


+1 for dragons

-100000000000000000000000000000000000 for suggestion that dragon falls should return


having tinker throw a pocket factory into your gold mine from over the cliff isn’t nearly as bad as the kind of maps in the pool right now. Has anyone ever actually had a reasonable game on Gold Rush?


Is it me or big dragon stock cooldown is WAY too high 920 seconds or 15mins

I think 470 seconds is good 7.5mins


they’re eh, mediocre. They are plenty tanky because of the combination of spell immunity and heavy armor with their gigantic ehp, so they will never take bonus damage from anything. But 43 dps even with splash is nothing to write home about, its just like a tankier frost wyrm, and only the blue dragons slow. And every good player has noticed by now that frost wyrms aren’t actually that great in combat, good for slowing heroes and bad for direct fights.

even mechanically, they are pretty busted because you could simply walk out of their devour. Dragons have a 1 second cast time on a 100 range skill with gameplay constant of 300 motion range buffer. Any time a dragon tried to devour a unit moving away from it at 300+ movespeed, it would fail to cast. Having such a huge foreswing and incredibly tiny cast range doesn’t work in the wc3 engine

It would mostly be nice just to see the dragon roost used at all for variety’s sake. It might make some fun moments. The only real way to ‘exploit’ dragons involves 3+ hour long games on maps where you can highperch, and highperch itself doesn’t have any. In all the games I had on full scale assault that went long, dragons were never really anything but a gimmick


Any suggestions to make them better?

But not broken?

Arent they a bit better with Orc with TC aura?


just the same as your idea: decrease their absurdly long spawn timer. If they want to make them a bit more useable, decrease their cast point from 1.0 to 0.6

Hireable neutral creeps shouldn’t be efficient compared to normal units. No tech, no upgrades, no build times


I love the analysis of the maps!


With all the Game of Thrones hype I really hope to see Dragon Roosts again. Preferably one map with red dragons, one with green dragons, and one with black dragons.


Then they all die in the end lol vs Ballista