Add a Hero and Unit for each Race


a few new heros would be great, but I cant even begin to guess what kind of units could be added


I mean could work

Small examples

Varian for Humans or Lothar wc2 throwbacks.

Zul jin for Orc or Cho Gall wc2 throwback

Xavius for Night Elf or anyone really

Sapphiron? Dragon hero for undead. Idk?

Could work through community balance.

Though In my opinion a wc2 throwback for each race would be nice.

Units should not be touched rn. As a matter of fact they would only add tavern heroes.


BublisGnim is taking his time to reply lol… shark replied first before BublisGnim lol…


I’ve been playing around with some ideas that if each playable WoW race (and some other factions) had their own tech tree for awhile. So based on that here is what ideas I have that could be added as a warcraft 3 hero for each race.

Humans: Some kind of Gnome, assassin type. Because there are no gnomes in game.

Orcs: I would go with a ranged Tauren that I’m calling the Plainsrunner. Uses a gun.

Undead: San’layn, because that’s all i can think of.

Night Elf: Highborne mage.

And for fun, a tavern hero: A dragon in it’s humanoid from.


A gee what if whishlist?
You’re on pal!

Alliance hero: Ranger.
Why? Because the only rangers we bump into are either dark monsters or sylv…

Alliance Unit: Rogue.
Sure, Reconnaissance and stealth warfare are usually best reserved for flares and invisibility but those things don’t have knives…

Horde Hero: Battle-master.
I have had it with how chummy everyone is so give me a
Vicious brutal backhander that inspires fear in his enemies and allies alike.

Unit: Giant scorpion.
Armored, poisonous and expensive.
Moderate damage, hard to kill but not exactly a priority target…
The horde deploys animals all the time so let’s get creative dammit!
Plus let’s be real here nothing takes the morale out of ya like giant scorpions.

The Scourge hero (?): How about a Val’kyr?!
Tired of those expensive units dying?
She’ll have you covered.
Is it lore friendly? Ehhhh plausibly?

Unit: zombies.
An entire faction made up of every kind of undead ever and no zombies?!
Really though, they die they get back up again and again unless of course they don’t…
Light armor and minimal damage to balance it out.

Night Elves Hero: Moon Priest.
I just want to see some heads explode and a this might be the easiest way to do it short of asking for Mylune…
Really though give him a walking stick and moon flare abilities.
And a root because people are not complaining enough about roots…

Unit: Berserk Dryad.
A dryad evolution.
Saw a squirrel bite it and has been filled with vengeance!
Melee unit faster attack and move speed in combat.
Lower move speed outside of combat.
They were really attached to that freaking squirrel so give them a break alright?


This is my kinda thread!

I’m a huge fan of WC3 Alpha. For those who didn’t know, WC3 was originally planned to have 6 heroes per race. This was cut down to 5 heroes, then 3. TFT remixed some of the Alpha concepts (Assassin -> Warden, Crypt Fiend -> Crypt Lord) and released them as 4th heroes.

In my image, I would remix more of these concepts, merging some ideas from outside of WC3. The Warcraft RPG books had a lot of unused concept art made by Samwise, and I’m basing some on these.


  • Tauren Runemaster Hero
    This would be a replacement for the Orc Spirit Walker hero. He’s a bare-fisted Monk-like fighter who uses Runic tattooes to channel elemental/spiritual power.
  • Thunderbird Unit
    A large aerial unit on par with Frost Wyrms. Orcs were always missing a Magic-damage heavy air unit, this one is it. Calls down thunderbolts from the sky. These are are the creatures that inspired the Tauren to create their Totems.

Night Elves

  • Dreamwalker Hero
    A Green Dragon hero in the guise of a Night Elf. Could also be a Dragonsworn, a servant of the Green Dragonflight. Wears armor similar to T3 Dreamwalker set in WoW. He/She has dragon and dream related powers, like Hibernate which puts a unit to sleep and heals them, and Gas Cloud, an AoE that dizzies and damages enemies walking through it. Also, Dragon form Ultimate!
  • Druid of the Thorn Unit
    A Druid with a plant-based form. I see this guy acting more snooty than the other druids, a literal ‘thorn in his side’. Has bark skin buff ability and brambles, which works similar to Malf’s Entangling Roots in HOTS (roots AoE on ground rather than on target unit). Their form roots them in place, boosts armor and has a long-ranged ground attack, similar to Siege Tanks.


  • Witch Hunter Hero
    This is a tricky one. Back in Alpha, there was a Ranger hero for Humans, but since we have a Dark Ranger in the game, we could use something more fresh. The idea here is a Witch-Hunter who uses pistols/rifles as ranged Agility hero. They would be ideal trackers/hunters, and have some anti-caster type abilities to boot. Hunters Mark allows units to Critical Strike the marked target and reveal invisible.
  • Dwarven Templar Unit
    Precursor to Dwarven Paladins. These guys wield giant 2H Maces into battle and use light-based attacks offensively. Basically a Ret Paladin in unit form. Their attacks have a chance to stun, and their stats are similar to a grunt. They can be upgraded to mark targets with Seal of Light, which heals ally units attacking the target.


  • Soul Reaper Hero
    A Valkyr hero, but not the pleasant feathery-winged type from Wrath. She is an Agi-based melee hero who wields a scythe. Ability-wise, probably something similar to Xul in Heroes. Spectral Scythe, Cursed Strikes, something along those lines.
  • Vampyr Unit
    Basically a San’layn in unit form. They are melee-support. They can mark targets with Mark of Blood, which does a low DoT and has a secondary effect of Corpse Exploding if the unit dies, dealing a percentage of its health in AoE damage. San’layn can be upgraded to have Vampyr Bat form, a melee air unit.


Great minds thinking alike eh?
Really though we may not always agree but I am 100% with you on this.

This on the other hand I am a tad iffy with as pistols,rifles and such really are more of a dwarven thing (at the time) but on the other hand there’s a pretty nifty witch hunter model in the hive that looks pretty damned good.


The witch hunter I wouldn’t have come up with if it weren’t for the Marksman class concept in the Warcraft RPG, and Genn Greymane’s human form which I think really sold it for me. Then there’s the Witchwood hearthstone expansion that brought in some interesting ideas too.

I had a lot of alternate ideas for Scourge, but so many are too similar to existing heroes. My alternative for the Valkyr is a Spider Queen; like the summonable bosses from the HotS map. Basically a female Drider hero that was the original Crypt Fiend. I love monstrous creatures in WoW, and I’d really want to see this, but I think the Crypt Lord already fills that role.


They said there will be male/female version of every hero, implement hero skins. After all these changes i guess they will give some new heroes, atleast on the tavern.


There’s no way in the Nether they’re going to add a Blood Elf representative, so I’m not that interested.

San’layn would be cute though. A dragon hero would be kind of a balance nightmare (unless flying is a timed activateable, like Deathwing in LTA/LTF), flying heroes were planned for in WC3 beta.

A Nightborne mage is a fine example of ruining a race’s lore identity.

I’d say, a prime candidate for a Tavern hero would be Akama. He’s the only one the player controls in the campaign, and he could be a melee Agility Tavern hero.


Really now? Not gonna ask for a ranger like Sylv or a swordsman such as Lor’themar?

They would be scourge representatives not blood elf as the San’layn or blood princes serve under the Lich King shortly after the events at icecrown.
Oh, and by the light!
Cute is the absolute last word I would use to describe them.
They are corpses!
Cold, partially decayed, hommicidal, blood siphoning, CORPSES!
Not cute.


Some good ideas here!

How about 4 flying heroes then? Would that be acceptable for melee? (maybe with some restrictions, for example you cannot train a flying hero before tier 3). I like the Sapphiron idea, and I’d love to see Kurdran and Sky’ree come back :slight_smile:

The plant-based form gives me an idea: the plant form allows the druid to take the form of any plant that can be found in the map (provided it is big enough: bush, shrub, tree). The druid is still targetable, and can’t move, but is harder to spot and (maybe) is more resistant, and he or she can cast some special and powerful spells when being in plant form.


I think it’s a bit late to add flying heroes. This was a time before when heroes were in a very different state of the game and we didn’t have a tiered Hero system or a limit of 3 heroes.

I mean even in early beta, there was no exclusive limit to heroes, so you could have 3 keeper of the groves or 3 blademasters and absolutely wreck face.


no human gnome ?

but who drive the flying Machine

they will never hear me coming …


idk because in TFT heroes and units dont match the ore especely with the humans

the blood elves are not part of the Alliance of Lorderon but in the game you can see them fighting side bay side with the Alliance


I’ll give this a go cause it’s fun. To promote the lesser used concepts for each race.

Spiked barricades, an offensive defense that’s not worth it vs other choices. I would give the Kodo beast an upgrade that lets their war drums also boost spiked barricades damage when they are near, war kodo beasts.

The orc hero would use spiked barricade offensively by warcrying in a crowd giving those around it temporary spiked armor. The strength of the spiked armor would depend on barricade upgrades and whether a war kodo beast was in the group.

The only race to have a fortified armor unit, but blizz never went anywhere with it. They turned it into a terran thor to get people to use it more. I would give spell breakers a shield upgrade ability similar to defend, phalanx. Like defend it slows movement, but it changes the breakers armor type to fortified and projects an impassable wall of arcane shields in front of it. A breaker phalanx slowly pushing the enemy back like a force field, boxing them in or holding a choke point.

The human hero would have a single target spell that is similar to inner fire, but it increases hp instead and increases fortified armor by 5 only. Cast it on buildings or breakers, but If that makes engines too op just make it so the spell target is bio and structure only.

Does shade seem weird to anyone else? Alone in its corner of the tech tree wondering if it’s meant to be a shadow elemental? The upgrade i would add is to all ghost type units like the shade, the banhsee, and the new hero i have in mind called fear. Like nature’s blessing affecting trees and treants, fear would cause any unit who tries to attack a ghost to delay their attack action for 2-4 seconds.

The hero would be a spirit healer from wow, dressed up in spirit chains like the undead captured and commands her. She does a single target spell, cursed chains, where she tosses a chain on a shade that turns it into a wraith with a scythe. With fear supporting, these ghost dt’s would get their first few swings off before they got wiped out.

When cursed chains is used on a banshee she wails causing spirits to gather. If the wailing banshee does it next to undead buildings, the spirits attach themselves to the buildings like a spirit shield where skull shaped wisps orbit around the building like it’s haunted. These spirit shield also benefits from fear.

Night elf
Ancients fighting back was over-hyped and underwhelming for nature fighting back. I would give dryads a transformation upgrade that lets her turn into a druid of the grove. The transformation would switch spell immunity for nature’s blessing upgrade and abloish magic would be replaced with pollinate. Pollinate leaves a cloud where flying or ground units inside it take extra damage. Druid of the grove can then support ancients and others in this way.

The hero is a arch-druid. Apart from doing druid forms like moonkin, the arch-druid has a single target nurturing roots spell. Nurturing roots permanently tie down the ancient unable to unroot, but lets it range attack like a sc1 zerg sunken colony.


I rather would prefer my +1 year of work of the Demon and Naga races over all your ideas guys. Seriously.

(Especially now that the Fel Orc Grunt has been updated on that list, replacing the Fel Orc Scout which was an imbalanced failure unit.)


If you were serious you’d make a custom melee map to share with us for some real feedback aside from your giant text documents.


Fun bit of trivia - The Spellbreakers actually have a Defend animation like the Footmen, so they originally had something like that before.

I like your idea of being able to form a wall, though I kind of think it’d be too strong on a Spellbreaker. They’re already magic-immune.


I was thinking siege would clean them up, that they wouldn’t be able to attack or use their other talents while doing their shield. Making the player choose between committing more breakers to make a longer wall or spell steal.

Did you notice how they are all after keep and mostly 3 food cost. Think I went more crazy with undead because I want more ghost action.