About changes to Campaigns

Hello, Kaivax and WarCraft III developers.

In view of all the problems caused by the changes introduced in patch 1.33, such as the constant crashes, the solution seems to have been to revert these changes.

What I want to know is whether these changes can be reimplemented in the campaigns in the future by the team after all the errors that cause crashes have been fixed (possible AI and scripting changes, as said in the patch notes).

I would like to receive an answer. I appreciate the team’s attention.
I would also like other users to feel free to discuss possible other changes in the future.

Best regards, LuisMenethil.

Gonna say this in every thread about this: the AI scripts were not the problem, the cause of the crashes was the weather effects used in the maps. Fix those weather effects (or disable them) and there’s no need for the rollback.

They went for the quick fix to the crashing complaints which was “undo everything” even though there were only a handful of already-identified things that needed to be done. While outside of this forum it probably looks better for them and is better for their support department not getting a million crashes they had no solution for, in the long run it’s terrible for the game as it basically took away one of the few upsides to having Reforged.

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There were no AI/scripting issues besides two lonesome ancedotes that are seemingly easily fixed.

The team decided that rather than fix those two bugs they’d rather resurrect 20 solved bugs.