A Warcraft III Reforged Graphics Discussion

But Demo wasn’t looking like Starcraft - It has a fantasy feeling and it was also kind of cartoony.Reborn and Armies of Azeroth does look like Starcraft,but Reforged is not

The demo looked like a StarCraft II map I played once that used a bunch of WoW rips for a Warcraft-themed map.

Reforged’s current beta build does not. The current beta looks like Warcraft, not modded StarCraft.

But the lighting is terrible compare to Demo

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I thought the demo’s lighting was worse, tbh. It was too washed-out. Too colorless.

Also - Models with metal details (Footman,Uther,Arthas) were better in the Demo
Also - Demo was looking colorless just because of weather of the culing - at Dawn it looks perfect

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I’ll agree with you about the metal. I hope that gets fixed before Reforged launches.

And Orc-Grunt is too brightly green,compare to the rest of the Horde

And Thrall’s mounted model is too bright compared to his unmounted one.

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And too short. Literaly,It’s hularious how much he’s shorter than Rexxar,Chen,Tauren’s Chieftain and Grom

Wow, i really hope that! :smiley:
So… i need say one feedback about the spider monster! This model have a normal size in old W3. Now on beta this are so much small.

The game needs a major overhaul on graphics in general! They need adjust this actual look! This are Looking like a mix of Old(Terrain,trees, graphics downgrade) and New(Models,Houses,Spell Effects) Actually this beta are looking the same Old Warcraft 3 but with new models,spell powers and houses updated…

I think this are looking the same, a very minimal upgrade! Lets hope that be fixed


This game needs have an option to FHD! We already have the SD and HD. The FHD option will bring the realistic modern graphics from the 2018 demo! The graphics from the gameplay showed in 2018 Blizzcon! That can be a good solution to help fix that! The graphics from two years ago still so far better, please bring they back to the game!


Agreed, the demo are totally better than this currently beta! I was so happy waiting to play the beta thinking it would look like the amazing demo they showed two years ago, but it really let me down because the beta is not amazing like the 2018 demo… :disappointed_relieved:
This beta really looks like an old game… Please back with the realistic modern graphics from the demo! Please! Thanks…


Excellent quote for this topic! More feedback!


Good quote for that graphics discussion! Will be really useful for the topic and game feedback!

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I cannot comprehend in what world the developers thought these visuals were acceptable. Show the classic graphics to anyone versus the reforged graphics, anyone would prefer the classic, the classic graphics are brighter, more engaging, fun and clear. The reforged graphics are blurry, dark and dim and lose the whole comic and fun feel of the Warcraft series. Everyone I know that plays the game online has abandoned playing reforged graphics because you simply cannot tell the units apart. It does look good zoomed in, but that is irrelevant to the actual game.
Please fix this mess blizzard

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WTF were they thinking. Why make everything blurry and grey. Why why why???

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For some reason it will not install. But it’s so pathetic that people who aren’t paid can do a much better job than a billion dollar company. FFS

I updated the tutorial video, maybe it can help you with the installation: https://youtu.be/f-sHroSEnk0

And check the stuff below, it could be helpful:

  • required :
    ’ DirectX End-User Runtimes (Web Installer) -> https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=35
  • if ReShade setup crashes :
    ’ add the path of your ReShade preset txt file manually to the installer
    ’ download latest .NET Framework -> https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework
  • if game crashes or ReShade doesn’t load :
    ’ rename (every) “dxgi” file to “d3d11”
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